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How to limit the wifi speed of others, limit others wifi speed method

2018-02-23 16:25:10

how to limit the wifi speed of others?When the wireless networks have many people in use at the same time, speed impact is inevitable, the following taught you how to use the router to limit WIFI Internet connection.

1, open a browser and enter the router management IP in the address bar, press the enter key, the pop-up router management login interface, enter the user name and password, click "Identify "After

2, into the router management interface, first click on the left navigation bar "The DHCP server "→"The client list "To see what are the devices connected to the router, and write down their IP address

3, then click on the left navigation bar "IP bandwidth control "And will "Open IP bandwidth control "In front of the box is checked, set up the network's line and the bandwidth value (conversion relation of bandwidth are as follows: 1 MBPS = 1000 KBPS),

4, in the following "Control rules list "Can set specific limits in details.We can choose according to their needs "Ensure minimum bandwidth "Mode or "Limit the maximum bandwidth "Mode.Generally want to keep their speed guaranteed will set your computer's IP to "Ensure minimum bandwidth "Mode, and set a high value;To limit the speed of the other computer, then set the other computer IP to "Limit the maximum bandwidth "Value, and then set an appropriate bandwidth.All Settings after the completion of the click "Save "Can.

the above is my introduction how to limit the wifi speed of others, I hope it can help you.

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