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How to link the computer network socket, the connection method of the computer network socket

2018-01-04 12:12:29

cable socket connection?What we call the cable outlet, the correct term should be network module, the application on the wall of the interior as a general cable socket.In after we understand cable crystal head connection, read this article again, but you will find that the wall cable socket connection are the same, compared with more convenient and simple for crystal head, Ethernet cable and to have specific color corresponds not afraid you wrong line, but its use is not his cable clamp connection tool.

wall cable socket connection Does not connect the network cable and correct information module, the network can pass, but now mostly used in the family is twisted pair (that is, the general cable), twisted pair is divided into T568A or T568B sequence, two line access points T568A module and information module end T568B module two ways, two types of termination of the wire sequence is as follows:

t586a mode (1) white blue green white orange (2) and green (3) (4) (5), white and blue 6 orange 7) white brown brown

t586b mode (1) white orange (2) orange (3) (4) blue (5) green white and blue 6 green 7) white brown brown

introduced these just let everybody understand the wiring must abide by the principle of make sense of these began to introduce below Wall cable socket connection.

the first step: use the wire stripping tool or pressing line clamp tool in offline head about 10 cm long (ti) can also be a bit longer, convenient behind the twisted-pair cable outer sheath strip.Out of four pairs of twisted-pair cable.Step 2:

lineup, do not open it for each wire, to advance in the corresponding line pressure into the lineup when apart.According to the information on the module indicated by color code to choose our preference line sequence pattern (note: in a wiring system best only with a line sequence mode, otherwise messed up, the general principles of the network is not difficult to find).Step 3:

will all the line after the press it into the slot, using tools and line pressure module, firm pressure on the line card inside the module, and cut off the excess vanguard.

the fourth step: is to make a good line information module is installed to 86 boxes of panel, so wall cable socket is installed.

saw more than introduce you to the wall of the cable socket connection is very simple, as long as there are tools, according to introduce the method and the image step by step, believe wall cable socket installation is not so difficult.

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