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How to maintain security video monitoring security video surveillance equipment how to maintain [mai

2018-01-02 12:00:56

abstract: video monitoring system has a very wide range of applications, the monitoring system of large, however, the equipment is very much, the camera and optical transceiver is installed in the ground stud on three or four metres high, or hang on the wall, for the ball to installation, commissioning, maintenance, bring so much inconvenience.

how to maintain the security video surveillance video monitoring equipment 】 【 security video surveillance equipment maintenance methods

general video monitoring is mainly composed of hard disk video recorder, video camera and monitor.So in daily use these devices will inevitably appear problem, can only let it play often maintain a greater performance.


1, circuit boards, hard disk video recorder of maintenance and administration of dust may cause short circuit after be affected with damp be affected with damp, in order to make the hard disk video recorder can work for a long time, should be periodically with the brush of circuit boards, connectors, chassis fan, chassis and other video for dust removal.Among

2, hard disk video recorder outlet grounding is good, to avoid the video and audio signal interference, and avoid the hard disk video recorder damaged by static electricity.

3, video, audio signal lines and the CONSOLE, RS - 232, RS - 485 interface, such as can't charged plug, otherwise easy to damage the port.

4 local video output, the hard disk video recorder (VOUT) try not to use the TV interface, otherwise easy to damage the hard disk video recorder VOUT output circuit.

5, hard disk video when, do not shut off the power switch directly, should use menu of shutdown function, or on the front panel off button (press is more than three seconds), hard disk video recorder automatically turn off the power supply, so as not to damage the hard disk.Around

6, hard disk video recorder chassis air circulation, facilitate heat dissipation.

(2) the camera maintenance

camera belongs to the precision of home appliances, both in circuit and mechanical precision than other home appliance products, should also pay more attention to use, to prevent the occurrence of failure and prolong service life.Commonly in use should pay special attention to the points:

1, note moistureproof: damp is an enemy of the camera, high humidity will cause the camera inside the rusty metal parts, circuit short circuit, the part of camera lens mold, in extreme cases drum surface water, as if into the tape tape will paste on the drum, the drum and tapes and machine high speed rotation of damage at the same time.So the camera should notice moistureproof, at any time it is best to put in for the camera bag is moistureproof agent.The camera in the winter from the cold into a warm environment is the best place machine 30 minutes to use again.The river in the seaside splashed and rain should be avoided when using the machine.

2, vibration control, vibration will has a harmful effect on the mechanical part of the camera.Present the mechanical parts of the digital camera is very precise and some mechanical components is less than 0.5 mm thick, and the positioning precision of the guide post is calculated on the micron, so sometimes the strong vibration can cause mechanical displacement, even loose board.So when using should try to avoid strong vibration, especially to prevent the machine from fall to the ground.

3, pay attention to the dust: the camera's drum are relatively small, and the speed is high, especially the digital camera, the drum rotating speed up to 9000 RPM, such a high speed, if the head meets the dust inside the machine, sometimes hurt;At the same time, the machine of dust can cause head instantaneous blockage and affect the quality of images.So the camera dust should be paid attention to when using, avoid in high dust environment such as sand weather use.

4, pay attention to prevent electric shock, zha sounds a bit incredible meaning, the camera can be a shock?That's true.The camera is different from other home appliance, want to often and monitoring equipment such as TV, such as video recording device to connect, today's digital cameras also often connect computer.If in the course of connection, the connection of equipment leakage, so in the process of connecting the camera easily burned, serious when even will cause the camera scrap!Thus connecting the equipment best can in the case of the power plug pulled out, lest cause unnecessary loss.

5 don't long time continuous use, the digital camera: using a digital camera may have such feeling, machine after long time is often very hot, in some places it is hot, this is because the digital camera has a lot of digital circuit, the circuit in work will produce a lot of heat, and numberical machine's structure compact, the heat is not lost.Accumulation of excessive heat affect the welding part of the circuit part.So the digital camera to use after a period of time should turn off the power supply, let the machine cool off to use again.In addition, the home video don't application and other purposes such as monitoring, etc.

6, don't use too old tape: old tape due to the use of more, magnetic powder loss serious, fall off when using magnetic powder is easy to cause head congestion, should avoid to use.

7, no matter under what circumstances, do not use outside manufacturers specify an external power supply and battery power supply device in power supply.Especially on the market some of the battery, battery, despite its nominal voltage conform to the requirements of the camera power supply, but some battery just full of no-load voltage is very high, at the instant of the access to the camera to machine burned extremely easily.

8, failure, should be sent to the depot for repair, do not attempt to repair themselves.Three, monitor the maintenance of

1 and

to avoid water 7.89454654739

trillion quintillion don't let anything with water into the liquid crystal display.Once this happens, of course, don't panic, if there is a fog in found just before starting the screen surface, gently wipe with a soft cloth is ok, if the water has entered the liquid-crystal display, then put the LCD in a warm place, such as desk lamp, will gradually evaporate moisture inside, if there is a screen & other;Flood tide & throughout;Situation is serious, ordinary users may as well call service, please help, because of a serious moisture can damage components of LCD, and can lead to a liquid crystal electrode corrosion, to cause permanent damage.In addition, usually also should avoid to use LCD display in the moist environment.

2, avoid working long hours

LCD pixels is composed of many LCD, too long time continuous use, can make the crystals aging or damage, damage in the event that is permanent and irreversible.In general, not to make the liquid crystal display was on for a long time (more than 72 consecutive hours), if when not in use, turn off the display, or let it show all white screen content and so on.

3, avoid & other;Hard throughout & that touch an injury;

LCD monitor is weak, use at ordinary times should pay attention not to be other devices & other;Throughout & that touch an injury;.Also should pay attention to when using cleaner, do not spray cleaner directly on the screen, it may cause short circuit flow into the screen, is the right thing to gently wipe the screen with a soft cloth glued on cleaner, remember, LCD & other resistance;Throughout the impact &;Capacity is very small, many crystals and sensitive electrical components will be damaged in hit.

4, don't remove the LCD monitor secretly

LCD display with other electronic products, in the interior of the liquid crystal display can produce high voltage.To remove the LCD display not only has certain risk, also easy to fault enlargement of the LCD display.

5, don't use the screen saver

when using the desktop computer, a lot of people like to use the screen saver, when they are converted to use the laptop, the good habits were saved, but they don't know the screen saver for liquid crystal displays rather than any benefits, but also causes some negative influences.

LCD screen at the core of the structure is similar to a piece of & other;Sandwich & throughout;, between two pieces of glass filled with liquid crystal molecules of the movement.Signal voltage directly control film crystal switch state, using transistor control liquid crystal molecules, liquid crystal molecules are clearly optical anisotropy, able to modulation from the backlight bulb light, realize the image display.And a full display screen is made up of many pixels, each pixel as a switch transistor.

is a LCD display images, the liquid crystal molecules has been in the working state of the switch, for the work of a response time of up to 20 ms LCD 1 second, liquid crystal molecules will have switch around hundreds of times.Switch frequency and the liquid crystal molecules will naturally subject to the conditions of life, to the life of the LCD can appear the phenomenon of aging, such as bad points, etc.So when we stop the operation of computers also make screen colors when repeated movement screen saver will surely make the liquid crystal molecules are still repeated switch state.

IP video installation maintenance problems for IP video,

people have been there a lot of misunderstanding, one of which is in spite of IP video has great advantages, but its too complicated to install and maintain.The problem in a few years ago, with the network video listing has been around.At that time, many facilities require a fixed IP address, not outside the network camera, also does not have the right to speed up the camera installation and focusing tools.But now the situation is completely different, the supplier start to absorb a variety of tools, makes the installation of the network camera faster, easier and more stable operation.

PoE and HiPoE: a cable to cope with

when called IEEE802.3 af power Ethernet (PoE) standard is approved for the first time in 2004, network video monitoring cost savings reached a peak.In the past, analog cameras need to use between two cables for video transmission and power supply, but now, the network camera can use a single connected to the network node on the cable to the camera power supply and transmission of video, this is a major indoor fixed camera solution.PoE, however, offer yuntai power is still not enough to zoom (PTZ) camera and outdoor network camera.In September

2009, a new PoE called HiPoE or PoE + standard changed all that.The standard (i.e., IEEE802.3 ats standard) promoted 5 classes and category 6 cable can transmit power, makes people no longer need a bundle of cables to send the camera power supply, operation heaters and fans and control command.HiPoE provides enough power to make a Ethernet cable can give all equipment power supply, even if the outdoor cameras or PTZ camera head.This makes the security vendor more simple, more cheap the PTZ camera and outdoor network camera into their monitoring plan.

hipoe standard increased capacity, making the standard Ethernet cable can support from 12.95 w to 22.55 w or 50 watts of electricity.

power equipment classification

the following is a common way of classification of PoE, including the corresponding power and typical equipment:

grade 0, 0.44 W to 12.95 W, any not to publish it categories of equipment;

class 1, 0.44 W to 3.84 W, the network camera;

the second class, 3.84 W to 6.49 W, network cameras, encoders, VoIP phone, access control, reader, RFID, wireless access point;

class 3, 6.49 W to 12.95 W, network cameras, network phone mobile phone, access control, reader, RFID, wireless access points, video phone;

class 4, 12.95 W to 22.55 W, compatible with HiPoE network equipment (PTZ camera, video camera in heaters and fans).

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