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How to make network cable crystal head

2018-01-16 09:28:57

The first is that the production of cable crystal head tools: barge wire pliers (for connecting crystal head)

is a very simple tool, is a production, is also very simple mainly is to pay attention to the first crystal type, now the most commonly used standard is: TIA/EAI 568B, there is a TIA/EAI 568A their connection is slightly different first of all, the production of crystal crystal head head card side down, a copper side, with an opening party towards his body, from left to right order 12345678 as follows:

TIA/EIA-568B: 1, white 2, orange, orange, white and green, 3, 4, 5, blue, white and blue, 6 7, white, green, brown, brown, white, 8

TIA/EIA-568A: 1, 2 green, green, orange, white, 3, 4, 5 blue, white and blue, orange, 6, 7, 8, white brown, brown

net line crystal head step line sketch map

applies a way of wiring in the entire network cabling, but both ends have RJ-45 plug network connection, no matter it uses terminal mode A or terminal mode B, it is universal in the network.The order of twisted-pair cable and RJ45 head pin number corresponding.

10 m Ethernet cable connection using 5 number of core data, 100 m Ethernet cable transfer data using 4,5,7,8 number of conductor.Why are now adopting 4 twisted pair of (8 core)?This is mainly in order to adapt to the use of the more, the under the premise of not changing infrastructure, can satisfy all kinds of user equipment cable wiring requirements.For example, we can use at the same time with a pair of wire to achieve voice communication.

100 base - T4 RJ - 45 provisions to twisted-pair cables connection are as follows:

1, used to send 2, 3, 6, used to receive, 4, 5, 7, 8 is bi-directional line.

1, 2 line must be twisted, 3, 6 twisted-pair, 4, 5, twisted, 7, 8 twisted-pair.

according to the crystal head approach is the same on both ends of the cable, there are two kinds of cable connection.

direct line:

crystal head is the same on both ends of the cable, is TIA/EIA - 568 - b standard, or is TIA/EIA - 568 - a standard.

is used for: common mouth PC card to the HUB, HUB of ordinary mouth to mouth HUB cascade. General purpose can be completed with a straight line.

intersection line:

crystal head is not the same on both ends of the cable, one end of the TIA/EIA - 568 - b standard, one end of the TIA/EIA - 568 - a standard.

is used for: PC network adapter to the PC card, HUB ordinary mouth to the HUB port.

how to judge with a straight line or cross line:

device mouth the same: cross the line, equipment mouth different: straight line.

twisted pair of maximum transmission distance is 100 m.If you want to increase the transmission distance, can be installed between two twisted-pair repeater, at most four repeater can be installed.Such as the installation of four repeater connection 5 segments, the maximum transmission distance up to 500 m.

two computers through Internet direct connection (i.e., peer-to-peer network) set about

already mentioned above through the cable connection between two computers, rj45 cable plug and cable connection is: in t568a line sequence at one end, side press t568b wire sequence, and then cable through the rj45 plug into the network cable to connect computers socket, this completes the physical connection between two computers.But then not necessarily immediately between the two computers for data transmission, also must carry out relevant Settings:

1. Specify each computer's IP address: can choose ———Any value between as both the IP address of the computer, pay attention to the IP address don't repeat use.

2. Set the subnet mask for each computer:

3. Set the gateway of every computer, for example, if the IP address of the first computer is, the second is the IP address of the computer, the first computer and the computer is the gateway should be or are, or take gateway ———Any value between, for example, two computer all take gateway.

4. The Settings to allow access to a computer hard drive for sharing: setting up the Shared method and the operation in the same LAN.

after finished the set 1-4 above, in computer "Online neighbors "Can see each other in the connection of the computer, you can like LAN with "Copy-and-paste "Transmit data to each other.Actually cable connection is so simple, you can also learn to cable production, become the network's got talent.

here are several kinds of application environment the method of making twisted-pair cable.

MDI said this level is even mouth mouth, mouth and MDI - X said this is normal.

1) the network devices connected to the HUB such as PC, using the Internet for the straight line, the two ends of the twisted-pair wires to one to one correspondence, at this point, the HUB of MDI - X, PC for MDI.10 MBPS Ethernet cable as long as one to one correspondence can be on both ends of the twisted pair, don't need to consider different color line sorting, and if you use 100 m rate is linked together, must be in strict accordance with the EIA/TIA 568 a or 568 b wiring standard production.

2) in the HUB between level even, should put even mouth control switch in MDI (Uplink), at the same time they are connected by straight line.If there is no special grade even mouth the HUB, or can't use the mouth, must use the MDI - X level even mouth, at this time, we can cross the line to achieve the purpose, the intersection line, cable, is doing with RJ - 45 plug-in at one end of 1 foot from the other end RJ - 45 plug-in 3 feet;One end with RJ - 45 plug-in 2 feet from the other end of the RJ 45 plug-in - 6 feet.Chromatographic production according to the following:

a: orange, white, orange, green and white, blue, blue and white, green, brown, white, brown;

b side: green and white, green, orange, white, blue, blue, white, orange, brown, white and brown.Level

at the same time, we should also know that even the HUB between the cable length should be not more than 100 meters, the HUB of the class should not be more than 4.Because the intersection line is less used should be special markers, in order to avoid mistake for straight line in the future, cause line fault.Another crossover cables can also be used in two microcomputer directly connected.

finally to on and off line tests, RJ - 45 line meter test, four green light should be blinking in turn.Software debugging is the most commonly used method, is to use the Ping command Windows95, Windows 98.If the workstation to get the server's response suggests that circuit is normal and network protocols installed normal, and this is the foundation of the network application software to work.

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