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How to manage wireless routers by mobile phones and to manage wireless routers by mobile phones

2018-01-03 16:26:21

now mobile phone become more and more convenient, sometimes, too lazy to open the computer, if you want to set up a wireless router, or look at the wireless password.Through a smartphone, can through phone WIFI to set up the router, convenient and simple.

1, first of all, the mobile phone must be connected to want to set a wireless router WIFI, below connect WIFI;

2, entering the mobile browser, enter the router management IP address in the address bar, as a general rule, be or, view your wireless router's manual can know the IP;Click to enter;After

3, enter, pop-up authentication is required, in accordance with the instructions on the user name, password input, click log in.

4, entering the WIFI management page, page version information generally show a router, LAN port state, wireless, WAN port state, etc.

5, wireless Settings: basic Settings;Set the SSID number: for example qinb0922;This is your mobile phone to search my WIFI name.

6, wireless Settings: wireless security Settings;This is the mobile phone or computer equipment to connect to WIFI password (WIFI password).

7, wireless Settings: the host state;This is all the devices connected to the wireless router, including flow upload speeds;

8, IP bandwidth control, it is on a different IP upload and download speed control.

9, system tools: modify the login password;This is a computer or mobile phone to access the router need username and password;Can be modified;

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