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How to modify the phone password router

2018-01-22 11:02:34

many routing password is too simple, a lot of people net, caused the phenomenon such as network speed too slow caton, below small make up TP886N routing setting, for example, to teach you to change the router password!

1 first phone connection you want to change the router's WFI signal, and then open the browser, input routing management address in the address bar, and click go to.(TP, huawei, swift is commonly, huawei, router on the sticker on the back annotation)

2 then will jump out of the page, enter the administrator password.Lose the password, click ok if request login ID, click no to log in.(the administrator password to ask to you set up the router for the first time, the password is the first time that the router Settings when using;Some older router will ask for user name and password, general default are amin;Most huawei routing without this page, just skip this step)

3 into the routing management page, here you can change your routing directly WFI name and password, change the finish, click save is ok!

with 1 huawei routing page

with 2 fast routing page into the page, click on the wireless set

tip: don't touch other Settings in the router, and don't press any keys on the routing, or couldn't get on the net, don't blame small make up didn't warn you!

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