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How to modify the router login password wireless router login password modify tutorial graphic

2018-01-22 17:21:43

router after the default account and password are usually admin or other default values, there is a big security hidden danger, need administrator change the account name and password to ensure the security of the network.The following simple introduce how to login the router control page and change the router's password.

1. Check the IP address of the router

generally has a tag on the back of the router, write the related parameters of the router, including the IP address of the router and the default router's username and password landing, the following graph:

general router login IP for or, the default user name and password are admin.

2. The computer attached to the router to open a browser, enter the IP address of the router and carriage return, if the address entered correctly will pop-up login window, shown in the following figure:

enter the user name and password, is determined to get into the router configuration page.

3. The modified

after entering the router, the router's password in the router to the left side of the page will see a list of attributes, tool button in the bottom there is a system, after will see "Modify the login password "Button, point to open after the input current login user name, password, new user name and password and click save to go after confirm password, the following graph:

note: all kinds of household small router configuration screen the same, the above pictures are for reference only, detailed Settings can also be reference when buying a router with the configuration of the manual.

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