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How to modify the router password and wireless WIFI password

2018-01-19 12:07:39

first to modify the router passwords must first address into the router management, how to know the router management address?Have 2 way, first bought routers usually have instructions, see the directions say the router management address is generally more common or;If you really don't know lost or manual, then take a look at the second way, first of all, back to the desktop, click on the network neighborhood selection properties, find local click double-click the point, you can know your default gateway, as follows:

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router login password changing so you can know your router management address is on the way.

then we into the router management address try;First of all in the computer browser address bar, type ""After return;This time will pop up a user name and password input box, if you first use the router Internet, general is to use the default password and user name which is admin;

general comes into the router management router password modification can be found in the tree on the left of the navigation, we TPLINK as listed here.

you can see management control, the right to find the management account Settings, this is the password of the router management change, each router Settings are worked out, of course, the only difference may be some different directory and name.Ok.The router password change at this point, see below wireless password encryption modifications.

wireless password encryption modifies

this password encryption and the same as above, first on the left to find the wireless Settings, and then you can see the wireless security Settings, wireless encryption is modified in the inside of the wireless security Settings.Click below

wireless security Settings, it can be found on the right PSK password:.Here can enter your wireless password again oh, later can want to remember this password online oh, after input can be connected to the router.

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