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How to modify the wireless router password

2018-01-19 17:25:25
Router password security more and more important, the hacker haunts, cracking tools of today, we must set up the router password, to prevent malicious and attacks on Internet network.So how to modify the router password?
first of all, we want to make sure our computer has been connected to the router's wireless network.
in the browser input: or (decision) according to your router if you couldn't get into the router, please refer to: can't get into solution after
enter the router address in your browser, router will be prompted to input user name and password, user name is: admin, password if you forget the router at this time, may refer to: solve the problem of password forget after
into the router Settings page, enter "System tools "Then click "Modify the login password "This time you can see the key, enter the new password to

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