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How to monitor the installation of the camera and the installation method of the monitoring system

2018-01-04 14:17:06
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abstract: monitoring and control system installation, surveillance cameras and how to install, in this paper, the security monitoring camera as well as the monitoring and control system installation steps made detailed introduction.

surveillance cameras monitor installation tutorial 】 【 how to install monitoring system installation method,

how to install monitoring system?

first, decide whether the existing computer installed video acquisition card, or directly purchase cavey embedded hard disk video recorder do you monitor host;

to use a computer installed monitor card, and the overall investment is lower, need apply to familiar with computer installation, has a professional staff, function more places.Computer need to 24 hours;Using the embedded hard disk video recorder does not require professional knowledge, don't need unattended, the operation is very simple, like the use of VCD is convenient;

second, decided to need several cameras, and to determine each surveillance cameras monitoring scope and image quality of

decided to monitor number with a video camera first, then according to the specific situation to determine the camera lens monitoring scope: must want to clear the camera to the point to point distance and the area of the need to monitor, you can calculate according to the camera lens and type approximate camera parameters are obtained.As for clarity, we think: 420 TV line camera is enough, if the request is higher, can use cavey 540 high-definition infrared camera

third: whether to have night vision function

in corridor, hall, corridor, warehouse, such as the light compares dark place, can consider to the infrared night vision camera, it is important to note that the infrared camera in addition to the professional night vision or specially designed, the infrared camera also need a light field under the condition of auxiliary five fingers, infrared re-doubled will shorten the distance.The scene if for garden lawn, infrared effect is worse.Is

fourth: wiring or the wireless

in addition to the expensive price, wireless networks do save camera wiring of trouble and not beautiful, but need to pay attention to distance and obstacles.Cement building materials will shorten the wireless transmitting distance, in principle, metal materials will completely cover the wireless signal, the emitter (on camera) and cavey (the host) to stay away from the other electrical appliances to avoid interference, and if you want to use wireless network, need to be ready to burden more than 2 times the price.We suggest unless necessary, try to use wire transmission.

the fifth: the scene monitoring and network monitoring

you when determine the monitoring and control system, whether you need to consider network function, that is to say, if you need on the Internet at any time to monitor and control of monitoring site, just need to choose which has the function of network host, current cavey hard disk video recorder has basic network monitoring function.

security cameras installed step

the first step: take out the bracket, ready for tools and parts: get a plug, small screws, screwdriver, hammer, electric drill and other necessary tools;According to the installation of a pre-determined position, check up plug and the size of the tapping screw type, try a bracket screws and the base of the camera to screw whether appropriate, embedded pipeline interface is good processing, testing the cable was clear, in place into the installation program.

the second step: take out the camera, according to the pre-determined camera models and specifications, carefully mount lens (infrared one-piece camera does not need to install the lens), be careful not to use hand to touch the lens and CCD after confirm fixed firmly, connected to the power supply, connected hosts or field use adjust lighting and distance monitor, a small TV, etc.

the third step: take out the bracket, up, small screws, screwdriver, hammer, electric drill tools such as, according to the pre-determined position, good support.After check solid, the camera in the direction of the mount in accordance with the contract;

the fourth step: if you need to install the shield, after the second step, directly from here to install shield.After

1, open the cover plate and baffle;

2, take out fixed sheet metal, the camera fixed;

3, the power adapter into inside the shield;Reset on the cover board and the backboard, straighten out the cable, fixed, loaded on the scaffold.

the fifth step: the BNC plugs welded video cable video cables of the socket, confirm the fixed tightly.

step 6: insert the plug of the ac adapter power output of the surveillance cameras, electrical outlets, and confirm the solid degrees.The other side of the

step 7: the cable access control host or monitor (television set), to ensure that the firm.

step 8: monitoring host and connect the camera power supply, adjust the Angle of the camera from the monitor to the predetermined range.

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