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How to open a laptop wireless card [method description]

2018-01-15 16:08:40

for with people accustomed to the desktop computers, notebook computers used mainly to adapt to adapt to the ah, indeed for laptop computer use skill and operation method, are to be well to consider the ah.Laptops have a very important function is to open wireless network so wireless network card how to open the laptop?Believe in not used to the operation and use a laptop for people that still has the certain difficulty, don't worry, here we will learn the simple operational problems.

laptop wireless card opening method one:

usually for laptop, wireless card open is made from specially door switch.Carefully in notebook positive or side view, you will find open the switch of wireless network card.Of course, there are computer sets the wireless switch to shortcuts, view on wireless keyboard switch button, and then [Fn key] + [F5 (or F2)], different computer models shortcuts, just find the network icon.There is a kind of situation, is the wireless card is disabled, is unable to open the wireless network card.To this, right click "The network icon throughout the &;And from the pop-up menu, select "Network and sharing center "Items.Click "Configure the network adapter "And then right-click the disabled wireless card icon, and then click "Enable "Item

laptop wireless card opening method 2:

computer shortcut key combination on wireless card

usually some keys in F1 to F12 signs will have a wireless network.Press Fn + FX (the symbol of the X key) = start

by wireless network card "Windows mobile center "Open wireless network card WIN + X, open Windows mobile center after the manual open wireless network card switch

note: after opening, notebook wireless network indicator light will light up

open check whether wireless service process steps:

1) right click "My computer "—Management —Services and applications —Service

2) WLAN AutoConfig service and open

laptop wireless card open method three:

1, notebook wireless card, as long as the wireless network card driver installation is normal, then the system is automatically opened.

2, click on Internet connection part, can directly search link on wireless networks.

3, if there is no network connection icon in the computer at the bottom right corner, you will need to right click on network attributes, and then set according to the network connection icon.

laptop wireless card opening method 4:

open notebook, enter the system, and then right click on my computer (computer), and then select properties, then can enter into my computer system properties, and then enter "The device manager ".

after entering the device manager, we in the network adapter, look at the wireless network adapter can don't have to know, if there is a wireless network adapter, the laptop is a built-in wireless network card, as shown in the figure below: how can

laptop have a wireless network card?

laptop wireless card open external way:

with the help of driver genius or master lu view notebook for wireless network card

a master lu software installed in the notebook, then opened, in the hardware detection, can see the presence of wireless network card.

laptop how open the problem of wireless network card small make up here enumerate a lot of operation mode, believe that there must be a help to you, as for the specific mode of operation, it also depends on the big furniture body laptop models.Different shapes of the laptop the wireless network setup is also different, therefore, specific methods specific treatment, here small make up also provided just most common laptop way ah, here hope it will help you.Ok, how to open the problem of wireless network card for laptop brief introduction here.

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