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How to prevent routers to be hijacked and prevent routers from being hijacked

2018-01-05 16:43:13

daily life almost inseparable from the wifi, but use the wifi you noticed with network security at the same time?Router once seized, so the user information of the bank on the net will be leaked, may even be modified.In order to avoid the risk from the user security, here teach people how to prevent the router is hijacked.

1, modify the router to the default user name and password

either wired or wireless router, the default admin account and password for the admin, here there is a big security risk, once the invasion computer under dark, then the hacker can through many known router to the default management password, login router, which can monitor the entire network with the router.

solution: modify the router to the default user name and password, do not use the default admin, can be changed to letters and Numbers of high-intensity password, specific you can refer to the above link in detail.

2, complex wireless encryption of setting up

in addition to change the default router management login user name and password, the wireless network password is also important, often find some friends, directly to the wireless password for super simple 12345678, this super simple wireless password, there is no doubt that is fairly easy to be cracked by others.

specific solutions for: first of all to wireless encryption is set to the highest level of connected encryption authentication way, and then set more complex wireless password, it is recommended to use the combination of letter + number + special symbol, it can greatly prevent the wireless router's wireless password cracking and attack.

3, the management of the router to the default address modification to the specified local special IP;Open the router MAC address filtering function, only allow known equipment access;

enable MAC address filtering routers

this setting method is in the router MAC address binding need to surf the Internet every day in the computer, and the other is not binding computer can not connect, all belong to a more advanced way of wireless security, need to check connection device's MAC address, then one-to-one bindings in the router.In

4, equipment installation has the protective function of ARP LAN security software, prevent hijacked by a hacker ceng net;

5, often login router management background, see if there are any unknown device connected to the Wifi devices, if any, in a timely manner to remove it.

specific methods for the management interface on the router, and then enter "The wireless set "- in a state of the host, you can see what wireless devices are connected to our network, as shown in the above, a computer and mobile phone is connected to the author, have their own equipment, instructions were not rub the net.

6, don't tell untrusted your wireless password;

7, smart phones, mobile devices is best not to Prison break "Or ROOT, also do not connect the unknown wireless network;

8, shut down the router WPS/QSS function.

router WPS/QSS everyone generally with few functions, the feature is off by default, if you've already open, please shut down the router WPS/QSS function.

the last simple way, if once found himself router hijacked, DNS address been tampered with, please change back immediately.More than

is how to prevent the router is hijacked, I bring you learned?

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