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How to realize wifi wireless Internet in case of broadband, how to use laptop to create wireless net

2018-01-12 10:26:10

wi-fi Internet is normally we are very familiar with the way of a network access, whether the use of mobile phones or laptops or tablets to connect wireless wifi network access to the Internet are very common.Wifi network it won't be limited by cable, the range of allowable as long as you are in the signal can be connected.So the wifi network has become a standard of KTV, hotels and other places of entertainment.So with broadband network, on the basis of how do we create a wireless network for mobile phones and other devices to realize wireless Internet?

use routers build

router wireless network is the most commonly used to set up wireless network equipment, it has the advantage of stable, as long as there is electricity supply will continue to work.If we have a router, also had the broadband network, the first thing to do is to connect a router on the power and let it in the work state, and then it with cable and broadband link mesh, pay attention to the network cable to access the main interface of the router, general color different is the main interface and several other interfaces.After

when switching power supply and network, the router will automatically create a wireless network, network name generally is TP - LINK and other symbols, the use of mobile phones or laptops in wireless network search function to find the network, then the connection.Connection we can't get to the Internet, the first thing to do is according to the instructions to access the router Settings interface on the router manual, in the browser enter or provide the address on the manual, click access to the page after the jump input your user name and password, generally are both admin, enter into the interface, modify the router page login name and password, and put them down, then enter the wireless network Settings interface, will be modified for broadband dial-up mode, enter broadband user name and password and connection, change again after successful wireless network name and connection password, this completes the wireless network Settings.

created using laptop wireless networks

if we in the absence of a wireless router, we can also use the notebook to create a wireless network, operation method is to use the laptop to download and install third-party software.To create a wireless network of the third party software is very much, usually have a cheetah free wifi or 360 free wifi, etc., after download and install the software, open the run, enter the name of the wireless network and the connection password.And, of course, we can also use the command prompt to create, according to give you before operation, open the menu, run the command prompt after input command "Netsh wlan commands set hostednetwork..."After, enter password type wireless network name and connection, and then input "Netsh wlan commands start hostednetwork"After the return to complete.

by the above methods can realize on the basis of the broadband wireless network creation and connection, and familiar with computer operation, these methods are very simple.But in general, we recommend you use a router.

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