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How to refresh the dns cache computer [Graphic]

2018-01-12 12:48:12

when we use the computer to access a web site to the DNS server, and the site of the IP temporarily stored, so the next time you visit this site analytical, can directly improve the access speed, this is the DNS cache.If the cache a url IP changed, may be unable to directly parse, this time we need to refresh DNS cache.

a, a computer how to refresh DNS cache, DNS cache refresh method steps:

1, at the same time hold down the Windows key and R key, open "Run "Dialogue window, and enter "Cmd"Command, click "Identify "Button, carries on the command line window.

2, in the command window open, input "Ipconfig/flushdns"Command, click "Enter"So that it can refresh local DNS cache data.If you want to check the DNS cache records, can directly input & then followed by the other;Ipconfig/displaydns"Command, click "Enter", can look at it.In

3, some input "Ipconfig/flushdns"After the command, display "Unable to refresh DNS cache: during the period of execution, function problems "Because did not start a local "DNS Client"Service.

4, start a local "DNS Client"Services, can be in "The control panel "In the view mode, select the "Large ICONS ", select "Management tools ", "Service "And into the service management window, select "DNS Client"Right-click and choose "Start "Or "Restart the ".Second, the computer how to modify the DNS:

1, open "The control panel ", "The network and Internet", "Network and sharing center ".

2, in "Network and sharing center "Window, select the right "Change adapter Settings ", right click "Local connection ", select "Properties throughout the &;, (if the connection is wireless network, the choice of the "Wireless Internet connection ", right-click the selection "Properties throughout the &;).

3, in "The local network connection status "Window, select "Properties throughout the &;, pop "Properties throughout the &;Window, select "Internet protocol version 4 ".In

4, in the pop-up window select "Use the following DNS server addresses "In "The preferred DNS server "The input " "In "Secondary DNS server "The input " "Or " ", click "Identify "Button.

5, and then according to the method described above DNS cache refresh!

: three, mobile phone how to modify the DNS computer can modify the DNS, mobile phone can also.Meizu smartphones, for example, in the case of mobile phones connect wifi.

1, selection "Set up ", "WLAN Settings ", long press the wifi name, select the static IP.In

2, in the open interface, "1 & throughout the domain name;Behind the input " ", "Domain name 2 "In the input " "Or " ", click "Save ", mobile DNS is set up.More than

is introduced about DNS cache refresh and DNS Settings, hope to be able to give you some help.

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