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How to remotely control the phone with a computer, remote control methods to lose the phone

2018-01-11 16:44:35

now, everyone in the mobile phone has too much information and privacy, if lost, is expected to be in a period of time.So, how to use computer remote control cell phone?This is the need to download a software which has the function of guard against theft, tencent in the mobile phone housekeeper, for example.Here, take a look at the remote control method of mobile phone is lost.

1. Mobile phones installed in tencent housekeeper.

2. After successful installation, open the tencent phone housekeeper main interface, click in the housekeeper - safety - mobile phone anti-theft immediately open, into the mobile phone anti-theft function.

remote control method

remote control lost mobile phone mobile phone is lost

remote control method

3 mobile phone is lost. QQ number, enter your QQ account in common use, so far, has been successfully enabled mobile phone anti-theft function.In addition, we can also add an emergency contact, emergency contact phone card will be replaced SMS.

remote control method of mobile phone is lost

remote control method

4. The mobile phone is lost in the upper right corner of the setup, you can set in mobile phones card automatic locking, associated operations such as QQ account again.

remote control method of mobile phone is lost

open after automatic lock machine and pull out the mobile phone card will automatically lock, need to input the QQ number associated to unlock.

if you need to replace the associated QQ number, click on the link QQ number again, before the pop-up interface validation associated QQ number, after successful validation changes.

when don't want to use a mobile phone anti-theft, click above the red button to turn off the phone anti-theft.

once the phone is missing, can enter the official web site, http://m.qq.com/, click on the mobile phone security options, associated log in to your QQ account, then can carry out mobile phones positioning, locking, empty data such as operation.

remote control method of mobile phone is lost

warm prompt: mobile phone positioning need cellphone, with SIM card in mobile phone, open to use GPS navigation.Click on the mobile phone locked, need to use the associated QQ number to unlock.Empty all data will be cleared all the files in the data, such as mobile phone lost, nothing but is not recommended.

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