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How to restart the router

2018-01-09 11:59:24

now, we generally use online is router at home, but in the process of the routers use occasionally will appear on the network connection is broken, the net problem, at that time many people first reaction is to restart the router.How to restart the router?Below to detail:

how to restart the router?

said to restart the router, the simplest is the commonly used method is to unplug the router to reconnect the plug again wait for a moment to reconnect.But this method is very undesirable, and forced to shut down the computer open computer models, but the router memory chip is flash memory, not like a computer that can save the file data, repetitions too much may even causes the damage of the router, so in the case of really have no way to use.So how do we in the case of does not damage the router to restart the router?Pacific network to introduce several simple method:

method one: press the reset button on the router restart generally near the router interface has a Rest reset reset button, if you need to restart the router, you can press this button, the button is deep, can use toothpick to press or needle.It is important to note that the router don't long hold reset button, long press the reset button will cause the router to factory default, restore the factory Settings and then need to login and password, more troublesome.Method 2:

in a router Settings to restart router method although also can restart the router, but is not convenient to operate, because if long router reset button 5 s, will cause the router to restore to factory Settings.And this in the router Settings, restart the router operation, simple and convenient, specific methods are as follows.

1, in the browser address bar enter, then press the return key to open the router login interface, then input the router management account password, login.

* note: some router login address may not be, if this address can not login, please check the router on the surface of the label or contact customer service.

* note: the router's account password or you need to stick on the back of the router's manual or router's view on the paper, general router installation personnel will note in the router on the label for a rainy day.After

2, landing the router background management interface, click on the left side of the menu at the bottom of the "system tools", in the tools in the system menu, click open [to restart the router], and then restart on the right side of the operation, click to restart the router 】 【.

finally wait for router restart completed, restart, after the completion of our router Internet connection again.

how to restart the router?Above is the solution, if cannot surf the Internet or restart the router, the likelihood is offline, please contact your broadband service provider of solutions.

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