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How to see your own network IP through a router

2018-01-04 10:57:27

how to view their own through a router IP networks outside?Is the Internet's main node equipment

router.The router through the routing decision data forwarding.Forwarding strategy called routing, which is the origin of the name of routers.

router with judge chose the path of an IP address and network function, it can in networking environment, more flexible connections, can use different data group and medium access method connected subnet.

ordinary we all tend to use the router to see their own IP, today, we take a look at how to use IP router to see the network.

1, first login the router's management interface, in the browser address bar, type & # 39;, as shown in figure.

how to view their own through a router network IP

2, drop-down sliders, in WAN port status "A bar, will display the network IP address, as shown in figure in the red areas, but if you are a router as a switch in the use, then through the ipconfig command to see the IP is outside of your network IP.

how to view their own through a router IP

networks outside

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