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How to set 360 security route P1

2018-02-12 10:49:40

360 sets of 360 security routing P1 starting yesterday, have a passion for 360 product friend, snapped up?After starting, will know how to use 360 security routing p1, tell everyone below 360 security routing p1 detailed graphic Settings tutorial.

let's take a closer look at the appearance, to be honest, the outer covering of P1 and did not give me too much of a surprise, is likely to be smoked pull type packing appearance because of the texture is soft.

p1 appearance design is handsome burst!Both work quality and appearance design is very grab an eye, at least for me this is used a lot of TP router before shine at the moment.270 & deg;Rotating dual antenna can be folded to the back, this design is very clever.Top anodic oxidation of aluminium alloy surface, feeling very cater to tide, the wind a little apple, with true propaganda had hall!

the following in Windows 7, for example the connection router.Pictured above


wi-fi - 20 * * * * is my P1.This name is the router's default ssid, labeled behind a router, you can modify.Past time in connection with the router after the first time to open the browser, input: to login routing, estimates that it has already formed a habit, isn't it?But the computer is connected to the P1 directly after open a browser to routing to the login page!360 routing website also links to the routing login page, this estimate is "Intelligent "Part of the!See above, the management of the P1 address "Immediately open "Start managing P1.

router automatically detect online mode: IP PPPoE, dynamic and static IP.Below is PPPoE, after input broadband user name and password, click begin immediately on the Internet, you can surf the Internet (the same and the router).

then you can set the wifi, customize their own name and password to choose the next step.

about 30 seconds in the following picture.

can now P1 to get to the Internet via wifi connection.Look at the router's web side management page below.Design is in line with the flat trend.Browser input entering the login page, as a result of the wifi password login and password are the same, input wifi password.

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