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How to set a portable router password, portable router settings

2018-02-11 12:36:18

Abstract: in the wireless Internet era, every one of us hope oneself can wireless Internet access tomorrow.Can't carry the ordinary router, and portable router to solve our troubles.So how portable router password?Take a look at the portable router Settings.

portable wireless router portable 】 road by implement the method how to set the password portable router set of

a, what is a portable wireless router

portable WiFi router also called mini wireless router, is a combination of 3 g and WiFi technology of mini portable products.It is wireless operators launch a wifi signal transmitter.If computers have wireless card, you can receive the signal from the portable router.It can be used in outdoor use 3 g network.

portable router has two operating modes:

1 is, in the absence of a wireless network environment will extend out of the wireless network, cable network for which has the function of wifi devices using wireless Internet, cable network access to portable router, simply put, is a smaller version of the portable router wireless router.

2, portable router directly insert card, Internet devices connected to the portable wifi signal can be automatically dial-up router release.Second, portable wireless router how to set up


online, put the outer cable portable router Ethernet front-end ports (at one end of cable should be connected so socket), then plug it into the power socket, whole room is covered with wi-fi.At this point, may come up with mobile phone, Pad or any other support wi-fi wireless Internet device, anywhere in the room wireless Internet, generally does not require any Settings.

2, Internet connection, open notebook wireless network to search signal, find your router signal, double-click the pop-up input password box, enter the password, the display is connected to the computer screen the lower right corner.Then open the Internet browser to enter the address of the router, enter the management interface.Selection of Internet model with 3 g and LAN, can choose when using a 3 g telecom, unicom or mobile.If in LAN mode, the home is ADSl, select pppoe, input account and password save online finally can realize the normal access to the Internet!

3, portable router when use search less than information, the solution is: to open the computer wireless capabilities, in general, the keyboard will have corresponding tips.At the same time determine the portable router electricity properly.

4, portable router signal range is limited, as far as possible near the router to the Internet, at the same time the best beside don't put some easy to produce the goods of interference, such as cell phones, microwave ovens, etc.Will be placed in the center of the building, portable router that is more advantageous to the coverage of the network.

5, in order to keep normal communication needs, to ensure that the portable router's IP address and IP networking equipment in the same network segment.Portable router IP address setting method, enter the router Settings in IE address such as:, into the router management interface, click the basic setup, enter the IP address Settings menu Settings, after the completion of the save the Settings.Return to the state of the system menu, and then for dialing operation.

portable wireless router WiFi password set method:

1. WiFi turned on the computer, search a portable wireless router to the default WiFi (router nameplate on the back), connect the WiFi network.

2. Open the computer browser, enter the router plate behind the gateway IP address (typically, enter the gateway configuration screen.

3. Enter the wireless Settings page - security mode setting WP2 wpa2-psk, WPA encryption rules set to AES.4. Set the secret key to wifi password Settings.

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