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How to set the laptop wifi, laptop set wifi method [detailed steps]

2018-01-12 10:33:51

as the popularity of electronic products, now we are increasingly demanding to the network, we use notebook most at ordinary times is using the function of the wireless Internet, in the same way, if we need to connect other devices, you need to use wireless wifi.For notebook computers how to set up the wifi, relative to a lot of people are not strange, because in the usual daily on the use of electronic equipment, we can share the computer after open wifi network.So small make up here is the detailed laptop how to set up the wifi.

laptop how to set up wifi?

1, laptop, how to set up the wifi, first we need to confirm whether your computer has a wireless network card.This time need to be found in the menu, in turn, computer "All the procedures "- "The attachment "- "Command prompt ", and then select "As an administrator to run "Option click confirm.After

2, we need to find in notebook inside a popup window "Command prompt "Enter the following information: the netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode = allow ssid = Test key = 0123456789, then click the enter key, the laptop at this moment the system will automatically generate a wifi hotspot, you can also make changes to the name of the hot spots.

3, laptop, how to set up the wifi to this step, then we will open network and sharing center, click on the left side of the network and sharing center "Change adapter Settings "In the adapter, you can see many a card, certificate card set successfully.

4, and then choose local connection, the local connection, right click "Properties throughout the &;.

5, connect the local properties of the switch to "Sharing "Hungry window, you can then find a box ticked on, select "Wireless connectivity throughout 2 &;, and then click ok.

6, then the hot start, first of all, into the hot spot of editing interface parameters, and then determine whether the name of the network before, so also convenient to other devices using the hot spots, to connect into the safety input a password.

7, the last is to try other equipment gold wifi connection, in other communication device on the lanyard to the network, the input password.Above

is about how to set up the method and steps of wifi, notebook computer as long as in strict accordance with the above steps laptop set up wifi is no problem.As for the wifi password can be 8 or more than eight, but it may not be less than 8.Then we can other computer or mobile phone to connect the wireless wifi.Hope the above information to be of help.

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