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How to set the network component agent routing

2017-12-29 16:56:00

a, typically, local area network (LAN) is used on the network addresses, inside the computer in direct use routing foreign access, due to the computer using the Internet addresses, filtered by a router, leading to not be able to access the Internet resources, a solution to this problem is to use the routing the NAT address translation functionality provided by the operating system, the Intranet private address into legal address on the Internet, make do not have legal IP address of the user can through NAT access to external network.

(2) using NAT single mode, just like its name, host to numerous local LAN is mapped to a network address, all hosts in a network for the external network, router interface to numerous local LAN host mapping for a certain network address range, when the local host port and hosts on the network connection, the IP address in the pool is an IP address is automatically assigned to the local host, connection interruption after dynamically assigned IP address will be released, release the IP address can be used by other local host.

three c2601, router configuration defines a address pool, which contains two free legal IP address, for the use of NAT transformation, set the IP address of the Ethernet ports, and set its port to connect the Intranet, set the IP address of the wan port, and set it to connect an external port, set up access control lists, establish a dynamic address translation, save the Settings.

four, computer configuration, requires the use of a static IP address, set in the TCP\/IP properties, and Ethernet ports SheZhiGuan network router IP address and set the DNS to provide the address of the portal, online tools such as a browser without having to make any special Settings.

using a proxy server access to network resources, advantage is that can use a proxy server CACHE service to improve the access speed and efficiency of the network, fit in with the computer more units to use.Defect is need specially equipped with a computer as a proxy server, increased investment costs;And France is the first one need take up two more legitimate IP address, network security is not high.

six, proxy server must be installed two Ethernet card, a piece of used to connect the internal LAN, set the IP address for the internal private address without a gateway.Another piece of used to connect to the router, set distribution of unicom's legal address, and set its gateway router Ethernet ports, according to the above method after setting up network adapter, a set of agent software can be installed again.

by the two methods introduced above, the configuration, can successfully realize the network access, but each of them has the advantages, and there are some shortcomings, and the advantages of the two methods are complementary.Can which combined the advantages of two methods, the method is to a fish and bear's paw can have it all, integrated the advantages of two methods one, two, namely, saves the IP address, and through a proxy server CACHE to improve the efficiency of network access.

by the above Settings, you should already know how to carry out special line set up.

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