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How to set the router channel? Optimization of wireless router channel to improve WIFI speed method

2018-02-23 14:25:18

it is said that the channel set up wireless router can effectively improve the speed, a lot of friends in detail for wireless router "Channel "Less is unknown, or attention.It is possible that don't even know the existence of this service.But you know, optimizing channel wireless router Settings, can improve the network speed.So, how to set up a wireless router channel?Through a router channel optimization setting examples today tutorial, teach everyone how to improve the speed.Interested friends came to see this article.

first of all to see, small make up the router's channel is by default in the home to automatically, using 360 m broadband at this time the width of the tester to test the rate of 246 KB/s, the home is 4 m bandwidth, the highest download speed is about 470 / s or so, as shown in the figure below.

set up the speed test before the

relevant tutorial: how to test network speed?N method of measuring speed

router how to set the channel?Steps are as follows.

let's take a look at optimized router "Channel "Set up after the speed test, first of all, let's look at channel setting method.

1, into the router management interface, the simple and most ordinary wireless router is open the browser, then enter open address:, enter the administrator password, you can login the router Settings interface, as shown in figure.After

2, entering the router Settings interface, click on the left side "The wireless set ", and then click "Basic setup ", can be seen on the right side of wireless router "Channel "Set, the default here is "Automatic ", and can also manually choose, can choose 1-13, the following figure.

wireless router network channel set diagram

wireless router channel how to choose?You can scan the WDS bridge, and then select a nobody with or near with less channels, such as 1, 6, 11 channel, you can also use other AP scanning tools to detect, here is not set up in detail, have time later to bring concrete articles, please pay attention to the home of the script Channel router.Near

3, manual select a channel with less later, click save.Take a look at below

manually "Channel "After the speed test and ping, as shown in the figure below.

set up the router speed test after channel

pass the test, after optimizing channel wireless router Settings, test speed has more obvious improvement, how, speed and Ping all speeds faster.More than

is the channel to bring us the router Settings tutorial, suitable for a wireless router, and open the Wifi function.Different router's channel setting method is different, but is roughly same, hope you can pass the lines in this paper.You if there is doubt, you can comment box below to give us a message.We will do everything he can to answer them.

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