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How to set the router filter MAC address? Router Settings Filter MAC Address Steps

2018-02-24 13:44:14

the router's MAC address filtering is mainly for the wireless network and application, while it does not need to change the wireless password, and can give to some web users execute ban, not on the router Internet connection!

1, in the browser input address or, in the open interface, enter the login password, enter the router!

2, found in the left navigation bar, "The wireless set "- "The wireless MAC address filtering "!

3, click "Enable filtering ", filtering rules choice for "Effective ban list of MAC address to access the wireless network "!Throughout

4, click &;Add a new entry ", in the wireless network MAC address filtering Settings, add the need to limit the MAC address, describe a casual setting can!

5, if you don't know need to limit the MAC address, and can be in "The wireless set "- "The host state "You can see it, the current of the devices connected to the router MAC address!

6, this filter is set up, even if the other party know wireless wifi password, cannot connect to the router to the Internet, unless the other party to change the MAC address!

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