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How to set the router to control others speed

2018-01-19 12:19:45

now, we should often have a lot of people get together with the router, especially when we speed unpleasant, and we are watching a movie, alongside the result in the download things, then we are in constant card & hellip;& hellip;So Mr Today for you finishing the tutorial on how to limit the speed, a bit mean!But very practical!

first login your router Settings url, user name and password are generally, of course, you can also see the back of the router, you will have stated above.In the browser input will appear after the login window, enter the login password!

first of all, we can first take a look at your router with the IP address, click on the left navigation inside the IP and MAC binding - the ARP table!!www.dnzsb.com

and then we can see the IP address of the router above paragraph, each device corresponding to an IP address, if you don't know the IP address of your device, you can check the MAC address, each device corresponding to a MAC address, (about the MAC address of the view, we can refer to: how to check the MAC address of computers, mobile phones?)Record your IP address.The inside of the

and then click on the left navigation control IP broadband.

click "Add a new entry "Button!Then the most important thing is that the rule set, own IP can avoid this rule, if your own IP for, you can set the address section of instead -, then the following input and other devices of the bandwidth and minimum bandwidth can!Basic can control all routers in

set up the speed of others in the above click "Enable "Then click "Save "Will be to the big screen, this time must remember to check "Open IP with library control ", otherwise these Settings are lost!

good, through these steps, we can realize the other device speed limit!

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