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How to set the speed limit of the router, and no longer need to worry about the net

2018-01-04 10:25:52

guide language: with the development of economy and science and technology, our life more and more digital and facilitation to the benefits and change are inseparable from the development of network technology, network is becoming more and more important position in our life, so the wireless router device was born, it can make sure we all get to the Internet, but now we face a problem, that is, if too many people share a router or someone to download is too large files, will occupy most of the network resources, then others will feel was slow can not be very good use, in order to solve this problem, we can set up the router speed limits, this is a list of the specific steps:

how to set up the router speed limit?

1, first we need to open the IE browser, and then the input the router's default IP address in the address bar, generally every router manufacturer to provide the corresponding IP addresses, can be found in the router's prospectus, such as TP - the Link of the router's default IP address is, if your router is also one of the brand can reference provided by the small make up this IP address!When we enter the router after the login page, which can be based on a router provide a login name and password to login to the Web configuration page, login for the first time is need to bring their own login name and password, then, to set their own easy to remember the login name and password!

2, when we enter to the Web configuration page, we can see at the left side of the page with a list of options bar, we can according to your own configuration need to choose, the speed limit here is we need to set up router problem, then we can click IP bandwidth control "And then in the dialog, select Open IP bandwidth control ", this time it will fill out you need to apply for the bandwidth of the size, here we need according to the router itself and his need to set up, and then we choose limits the bandwidth of the maximum, the size of the bandwidth will be evenly distributed, so everyone is the same as using Internet connection, and then select Enable "Options, finally, click save.

3, when the size of the set bandwidth, can also be alone for a computer or mobile phone flow speed oh, if a particular device using network resources too much at ordinary times, we can separate to set it, so you can ensure that others on the normal use of network resources.Is more than

small make up to you to solve the problem of how to set up the router speed limit, believe that everyone is clear now how to limit the router!Wireless Internet is becoming more and more important in our life, whether business or family or the school has now wireless wi-fi, convenient for everyone to use the Internet, so the speed limit on this problem is becoming more and more important, if you still feel that your office or dormitory network speed too slow, might as well according to the introduction of small make up to set up the router speed limit!So you don't have to worry about ceng net!

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