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How to set up a 5GHz band wireless router

2018-01-08 15:38:49

in network applications for high bandwidth requirements of online video, high-definition on-demand business, if you use 5 GHZ frequencies for transmission, wireless connection stability and transmission speed rate will be more secure, TP - LINK here dual-band wireless router as a demo, to teach you how to use 5 GHZ band wireless router Settings.

TL - WDR4310 below as an example to introduce dual-band wireless router in the setup steps under the 5 GHZ band.Step 1:

in the browser's address bar enter & on the other; "Open the router management interface, enter the user name and password (the default are Admin”), click on the menu Setup wizard "The diagram below.Step 2:

click The next step "Interface, pop-up choose Internet connection, can choose according to the way you use broadband Internet access, such as not clear, can choose Let the router automatically choose the way to the Internet ", click The next step ".The diagram below.Step three:

this case to common PPPOE”As an example, the pop-up input Internet accounts "And "The Internet password "Interface, according to the broadband operators offer broadband account and password, please fill in the corresponding input box, the diagram below.Step four:

click The next step "Pop-up wireless spectrum set interface.Use 5 GHz frequency band, can choose at the same time open the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz or open only for 5 GHz, this case open only for 5 GHz, for example, select Work only in the 5 GHZ wireless spectrum "The diagram below.Step 5:

click The next step ", pop set the 5 GHZ wireless spectrum parameters of wireless interface, set the SSID, wireless channel, such as wireless security options, wireless security options recommended WPA wpa2-psk/connected - PSK”The diagram below.Step 6:

click The next step ", pop-up setup wizard to complete the page, the following chart.

click Complete ", restart the router, and work in the 5 GHZ wireless devices to search for and connect to the 5 GHZ band wireless SSID.

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