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How to set up a broadband connection

2018-01-08 14:47:45

in this age of the Internet, now many families are using the network, then you know how to set up the broadband connection?Many computer novices don't know how to set computer broadband connection, this paper introduced in graphic way how to create a new broadband connection.How to set up

broadband connection?

1, first open the start menu, open the control panel in the start menu, in the control panel to find the network and the Internet options, then click this option, enter the network Settings page.

2, in the network and sharing center the small link below, there is a view network status and tasks of option, and click with the mouse click this option.In

3, the state task network interface, in the change network Settings of the column below, the first option is to set up a new connection or network.We want to establish a new connection, is people here.Click on this link.

4, and then select connection option, you is to build a new broadband connection, so I choose the first item is connected to the Internet, click on start after the next.

5, if you've never had connected network, at this time there will be a prompt, namely, to establish a connection, if you the connection before, now also want to establish a connection, other click on create new connection option.And then click next.

6, and then, in the connected to the Internet this page, enter your web account username and password,?Then a name to name this network connection can call the name.Set up, click on the connection was successfully established a network connection.After

7, the network connection is established, we can in the system tray icon to connect to the network, open the icon, click on one of the network connection, click the connect button, can successfully connect to the Internet.How to set up

broadband connection?The broadband connection setup steps is detailed above.

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