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How to set up a home wireless network

2018-02-05 13:08:45


instructions applicable to the Linksys wireless router.The router port may be with a different label, and the router's images may look different.Check with equipment attached to the document, in order to get more aid.Or search "Manufacturer/model wireless router set "To find images and operation guide.

: if the computer is connected directly to the modem

unplug the network cable at the back of the computer, then insert it into the router back on the Internet, the WAN port or WLAN tags.If the computer is not currently connected to the Internet: insert one end of the cable (router attached) modem port, and then insert the other end cable wireless router's Internet port, WAN, or WLAN.If the computer is connected to the router: unplug from the current router connect Internet, WAN or WLAN port cable, then insert the cable end of the Internet on a wireless router, WAN, or WLAN port.Then, unplug any other cable, and insert it into the available wireless router port.You don't need the original router, because new wireless router to replace it. next, plug in and open the cable or DSL modem.Wait for a few minutes, let it connected to the Internet, and then plug in and open the wireless router.A minute later, the Internet, wireless router WAN or WLAN indicator light should be bright, indicates that it has successfully connected to the modem.


wireless router using wireless router attached cables, temporary connection between a computer and wireless router on one of the available network port (any port) with Internet, WAN, or WLAN.If you need to turn on the computer.It should automatically connect to the router.Next,

open Internet Explorer and input url in the address bar to configure the router.Note:

please you are using a computer to perform this step, set the wireless network.The computer will automatically link to the router web page.If on the other computer input router url, enter site in the navigation bar will not be your guide to the router configuration page.

in router configuration page, you may be prompted to enter the password.You use the web address and password will be different, depending on your router type, so please refer to the router to accompany or manufacturer's website operation guide.

for ease of reference, the table shows some common router manufacturer default url, user name and password.If the site is not listed, then you can read the router or access the attached document manufacturers web search.You can use multiple sites.

Internet Explorer displays the router configuration page and modem IP address and other information.Most of the default Settings should be acceptable, but you need to configure the following three:

is called the SSID of the wireless network name.This name according to network status, and displayed in the list of available wireless network.You should change the default SSID, an ISP and naming a unique name for your network.This can help you identify your own network, wireless network security and protection, prevent overlap with other wireless network using the default SSID.To help protect the wireless network wi-fi Protected Access (WPA or connected).It is important to set up to enable encrypted network security key, in order to help protect the security of the wireless network.Encrypted, no security keys are unable to connect to your network, your network to send all the information will be encrypted, so only have leaked information of key computer can read the information.This helps to prevent unauthorised access to your network and attempt to file.Wi Fi Protected Access (WPA or connected) is recommended by the wireless network encryption method.Wireless encryption (WEP) are not safe.Windows 7, Windows Vista Service Pack 2 and Windows XP Service Pack 3 support connected.

when you set the most router router and modem router (independent), you will be asked to provide for the router to generate multiple key passphrase.Make sure your pass phrase only and have a long enough characters (you don't need to remember it).Some router and modem router is now known as rapid security Settings (or QSS) function, this function will be automatically assigned when your router button a key.

be sure to keep the network security keys and pass phrase hard copy and digital copy, in case of lost or misplaced.You can restore the lost key network or reset on the router, but the process is very complex, and each router process are different, sometimes need to reset the network.Control the wireless network administrator password.Like any other password, it should not be you can find words in a dictionary, but should be a combination of letters, Numbers and symbols,.Be sure to keep this password hard copy and digital copy, because you need to use it when you must modify the Settings of the router.Configure these Settings when the exact steps to follow will vary, depending on the type of your router.Each configuration Settings is completed, be sure to click the save Settings, application or determine, in order to save the changes.For more help to ensure the network security.Before connecting computers and devices to the network, should disconnect the wireless networks line connected to the computer

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