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How to set up a router and set up a router method

2018-01-08 15:32:08

guide language: a lot of people now have a router, wireless router is convenient for our life, we can use the WIFI to the Internet, not only speed, but also can save a lot of traffic.And today we are going to speak of is how to set up the router, follow the small make up together and see it.

steps to the first step in

the first to determine whether the line has been ready, if it is at this time we can open a have good PC, then open the online neighbors attribute on the desktop, then we have to open the local connection attributes, and then open the properties for the TCP/IP protocol, this time we want to set the IP to instead, at the same time set the subnet to, and gateway click ok, and DNS again after configure the router Settings.

it is important to note that set the IP network segment to set between instead to it all, but remember don't have the same IP Settings for computer IP, because it will cause IP conflict.Then we can open the desktop InternetExplorer or other browser, then enter, into the router interface.

the second step, this time will jump out a window to enter the user name and password.The default user name and password are admin, the router has clearly written instructions, after you've written can press enter, then we have entered the router configuration interface.

the third step, we then click on the setup wizard, and then click next, and then select the virtual adsl dial-up, because most of the people is to select it on the Internet, and other static that is special line user choice, we only need to select it, then we next, and then set the account and password of wireless router, remember your password, and then continue to click next according to the complete set routing.

in this step, our router configuration is all set up, now we just restart the router, is the point of system tools, and then point to restart the router, wait a minute.Conclusion:

saw the above introduction about how to set the router, you whether to know it?Small make up feel, the setting of the router is very simple, for the website as long as it is good to remember the router, convenient change sometimes use wireless password.

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