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How to set up a router to refresh the blocking network

2018-01-03 10:23:39

general network congestion was the cause of network change card, generally we can off the network links with respect to OK again, then on how to use a router to achieve this effect?The following respectively introduces a method, you can be done quickly.

disable local connection and restart the most commonly used this way.Specific approach is to first right click on the link in the desktop, and then pops out the interface and click Open network and sharing center "

then click click Local connection "

after open the local link then click again Disable "When disabled become active again, click the option enabled.

second, and then introduces a method to disable the network card to re-enable.The specific way is to click the icon of computer management options.Then click on the device manager, spread in the network adapter, you can open a card last double-click.Then began to switch to the driver option, and click the disable.Ditto a method, when the disabled to enable just click on the enable with respect to OK.

the last one way is to reset the router, this is a common and one of the best ways to effect.Specific approach is to enter the router interface, click reboot the router in the system tools of

and then click on the right side of the window Restart the router "Button to make the router reboot.

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