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How to set up a router to speed up the internet

2018-01-19 10:51:26
789.45054739 billion years ago, we are still in the conversion of 56 k how long will it take to get to download an MP3, ten years later we often T data download.Global network development pace is not unified, for some area, already 5 MBPS Internet access speed is fast.If you are still afraid of not having enough speed to see video, according to the following method to try, to get your Internet speed fast, the most important thing is --Many ways to spend money.

the first step: pick a router to use the first step in

to improve speed --Choose to use a router, ok, that is to spend a penny.ISP operators will give you a default wireless routing, perhaps you may on the day of the black Friday sales campaign bought a $30, but these are not enough to just rely on tap your Internet connection.Take some money to buy a router to use, very obvious for speed of ascension.

pick routing should choose to bring their own packet priority and Qos function of the product, which allows you to choose which application and computer for bandwidth, can also make a corresponding limits.For example, surf the Internet during the day you're not sure don't want all bandwidth P2P download software (many download software can do control bandwidth).

installed lovers can try to brush Tomato USB or dd-wrt such router firmware.If you buy a router brush allows the firmware, you can try to brush over the firmware, so that you don't have to go to the store to spend large sum of money can also enjoy the new features such as QoS.Also have routers are simply sell pre-installed DDWRT routing device.

the second step: setting up reasonable routing can significantly boost speeds

change the DNS server is helpful on the router, try to use the Gibson Research DNS toolbar, this tool can real-time display the fastest response with your host the DNS server.If you know how to enter the router's management interface, you can enter the toolbar gives the best DNS server address, connection speed will be improved after this setting.

there is a free and easy call squids caching proxy server --Without the Linux system can be used.Let us thank the Acme Consulting team using the Windows version of squids.

if you need to connect the device is not many, the old WinGate is also very good.This free software can support three devices at the same time access, but friendly interface as squids.

said so much, why do you want to use the caching proxy server?Because it can improve the loading speed of some frequently visited pages, at the same time all access equipment connection speed can be improved.

the third step: check your browser

should see browser do you use now.The current mainstream browsers updated version are more quickly than last year's original what browser then in the performance of the low bandwidth access best?No browser can meet all your requirements, so you'd better try it personally, then decide.

old pretty Opera most remarkable Off - road mode allows the user to experience the good connection speed under bad Internet speeds.The working principle of this model is that when you send a link requests, norway-based on web pages of the remote agent server compression and optimization.At the cost of image quality drop, page elements may not display completely.But this feature to speed the supremacy of users is worth the sacrifice.

hot Chrome now comes with load characteristics can support the smooth browsing experience.But Chrome is prejudge you can click on the content to download, so to cause you click on the links to the feeling of speed increase.And judge the accuracy is good, it's no news, because the mother of the Chrome, search leader Google Chrome users browsing habits too familiar.

IE11 binding also similar predictions pre-reading technology, for the vast majority of the mainstream website, IE11 loading and Chrome.

do you think you want to get?So try firefox.Firefox extension of the application very much, and you can through the about: config test like to use the function of the switch, the options to you look not to come over, just remember to keep your change of is what options).These custom options and extension tools can help you improve your speed.

perhaps you can try to change a download software to use.If often download large files, you should choose a task can specify plan of software.In addition of thunderbolt, express, and a whirlwind, known to Chinese Free Download Manager is also a good choice, the same recommend JDownloader.

more ascending speed of advanced techniques, such as the VPS, can significantly improve the loading speed, and renting are also cheaper than you imagine.

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