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How to set up a wireless network

2018-01-05 16:05:15

how to set up a wireless network?Today is more than a broadband use mostly, so you have to use a router.When it comes to a router that must be mentioned first wireless routing, not only in the home computer use, mobile phone also need to use ah.Exactly how to set up a wireless router, this is the mysteries many children's shoes.Wireless devices becoming more and more popular now, especially in everybody's smartphones, tablets, already possess the function of WIFI, how to set the WIFI wireless routers, provides the wireless network for their mobile phone, here small make up now share with you about how to set up a wireless network.Hope I can bring you help, small make up himself is set up according to the steps to complete.

cable broadband line inserted into the wireless router WAN port, and then use a cable from the LAN port and your laptop (or desktop) directly connected.Then open the browser, the input is generally or (specific see manual), input account and password management, are generally not admin, enter setup wizard, step by step to fill in the past, make choice according to broadband source, if it's ADSL, should fill in the user name and password, if there is a fixed IP address or not fixed broadband IP address, should fill in the required information.

for data and wireless network security, and then to special wireless columns to start key, generally choose WEP way, want to set the key to be able to fill out, pay attention to key figures, see page, and then in route choice routing restart, not manually without electricity, and then with respect to ok, search to the routing signals, enter the default password is all ok.

router set method steps are as follows:

in the first place if there is a wireless router, then connected the power supply first, and then plug in cable, into the line in the wan port (usually blue), and then with a computer connection string is literally plug which one LAN port.

open a browser, in the address bar enter the router address (each brand router address may be different, can be through a router fuselage nameplate know their routing address), as the router in the tutorial in order to facilitate the teaching to reset to factory Settings, set tip here routing management password, login here set to the admin.

login routing Settings interface, automatic turn to setup wizard, if no redirects can be found in the left column "setup wizard" click to enter.

the next step, choose the way to the router's Internet, here you can choose Let the router automatically choose the way to the Internet ", can choose according to your current network environment suitable for Internet connection.

next to the wireless Settings, in the SSID can change the name of the wifi, if don't change the default for the router's model.Set up after the SSID to set the password of the wireless network, next will Don't open the wireless security "Check the take out, input the WAP wpa2-psk/WAP2 wpa2-psk password, click next.

click finish and wait for the router automatically restart.

editorial: how to set up a wireless network?Is a common problem, is also a relatively simple problem, believe that as long as had an experience, can become a great god, and of course the router's Settings is still far, not only the simple content after login the router Settings page and even more Settings, set other options, such as binding MAC address, IP, firewall Settings, and so on, can make your wireless network more secure, prevent the net.

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