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How to set up mw313r wireless router, mw313r wireless router setting method

2018-01-03 16:05:04

Mercury (Mercury) MW313R router is now more common brand in the router, this type of router products because the price is reasonable, good performance by the user's favorite, but its setting is more intricate, so a lot of customers bought this product after don't know how to set up the installation, affecting the efficiency.Know in fact as long as the process is very simple, the following is to introduce some Mercury (Mercury) MW313R router installation experience, hoping to help the user to use normally.

MW313R router installed

telephone lines on the Internet: please prepare two short cables, a cable used to connect (cat) and mercury MW313R ADSL Modem router WAN interface;Another cable used to connect any one on mercury MW313R router LAN interface (1/2/3/4) and the computer.Optical fibers on the Internet: please prepare two cables, a cable used to connect the light cat with mercury MW313R router WAN interfaces;Another cable used to connect any one on mercury MW313R router LAN interface (1/2/3/4) and the computer.Cable entry on the Internet need to prepare 1 Internet line, the broadband operators offer first enter a network cable plugged in mercury MW313R the WAN interface of the router;To prepare himself cable, connect the computer, on the other end is connected to the mercury MW313R router any one of the LAN interface (1/2/3/4).


Mercury (Mercury) MW313R wireless router after successful installation and equipment on the SYS indicator light will flash, WAN interface will normally on or flashing, 1/2/3/4 mouth is connected to a computer port normally on or flashing.Users according to their own way of broadband access, please according to the method described above, the installation of your Mercury (Mercury) MW313R router.Enter a string: refers to the broadband operators to provide to the user home a network cable, wall also calculate inside.In

set up the computer IP address

of Mercury (Mercury) MW313R wireless router set before, need to set the IP address of the computer to automatically obtain, Windows XP: right-click on the online neighbors Property Right-click the local connection Property Double-click Internet protocol Automatically obtain IP address Automatically get the DNS, Windows 7: right-click the network Property Change adapter Settings Right-click the properties Internet protocol version 4 Property Automatically obtain IP address Automatically get the DNS.

mw313r router set

online login Settings interface: in the browser's address bar, type: and then press the enter key.In Set the password "Behind the box set password for MW313R router in Confirm password "Enter the password again, click Confirm ".(note: mercury MW313R router is not the default user name and password by default) mercury MW313R router to complete


Virtual dial-up PPPoE (ADSL) ", "Dynamic IP”, "Static IP”These three Internet connection, it is according to the user to deal with broadband business types to choose, choose not to right, is not able to surf the Internet,If according to the above introduction, you still can't determine their own way to surf the Internet, please call your broadband operator, customer service, to figure out what to choose.

according to the above steps, basically completes the Mercury (Mercury) MW313R router product installation, Internet Settings and wireless Settings system problems, and some personalized options, such as voice and display, can choose according to their own favorite Settings.Actually any router Settings are including winners you setting and network parameter Settings, as long as have mastered this, any products can be setup step by step.Mercury (Mercury) MW313R router Settings is relatively fine, so use is also more stable.

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