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How to set up the HUAWEI router and introduce the method of setting up the HUAWEI router

2018-01-05 16:36:40

many people like to connect wireless network at home to use mobile phones, the media, such as electronic products, we need to use them to download games, chat app, and all kinds of learning software, people can only be done through a wireless network to download, surely no one likes to direct connection bandwidth to download steps?So, be sure to buy a home huawei router.This brand of router price will not be very valuable, and high cost performance, set the method also is similar with the ordinary router oh.Huawei home router Settings tutorial,


in IE written into the IP address of the network router (behind in a router, is: would be a login interface.Enter its access account and access password went into the access interface of the router.Mainly to its network parameters, the DHCP server and the safety rules set can easily on the Internet.Select Network parameters "Options, and then choose a LAN port parameter is set, the following Settings will be shown.This option is to set the parameters of the router.

2, MAC address is the router MAC address of LAN, this value may be changed.This router is the IP address of the IP address of the local area network (LAN), local area network (LAN) all the computer must be set to the default gateway in the IP address.It's important to note that if you change the LAN IP address of the mouth, must be conducted with a new IP address to be able to login the router WEB interface management.

and if you set the new LAN IP address with the original mouth mouth LAN IP address is not in the same network segment, the router virtual server and DMZ host function will fail.If you want to enable these functions, the need to be set on it.Subnet mask is the router for LAN subnet mask, generally as, all the computer in the LAN subnet mask must be the same as the set here.Select

WAN port Settings "Appear below the setting of the picture, is mainly to set up on the way and permissions.

3, TCP/IP Settings including IP address, subnet mask, gateway, and DNS server.For all the computer in the LAN properly configure the TCP/IP protocol is not an easy thing, fortunately, the DHCP server provides this functionality.If use the function of the router's DHCP server, you can have a DHCP server automatically for you to configure the LAN of each computer in the TCP/IP protocol.Select The DHCP server "Can be carried out on the function of the router's DHCP server Settings.Huawei wireless router Settings tutorial,


check physical line: check the line have even better, the corresponding lamp no flicker is normal, if normal on to the next step;

2, the wireless router interface, landing, family by each brand of software design are human, very easy to set up, after go in first

wan port Settings, select PPPOE, then click enter account and password;

3, finally see the inside of the wireless router system information connection status.If you have the IP is connected to normal;

4, if you don't want to rub your broadband be net, can be set in wireless security Settings interface open wireless security code, the current domestic 5, a router with the highest level of security for connected wpa2-psk, for at least eight Numbers or letters (case-sensitive) strictly.

when we were in the use of huawei router, may appear all sorts of small fault, of course, these problems may be because of improper our setup, caused by improper use, improper connection.If our wireless networks become very slow, so it is possible that the router to use time is too long, lead to internal heat unevenly, had better open the window for the room ventilation cooling, at this time and then turn off the router, such as cooling, then open the router can restore network use.

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