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How to set up the PS3 Internet access and PS3 connected to the Internet router settings

2018-02-13 14:51:45

how to set up the PS3 to get to the Internet and the PS3 router set up Internet connection in the age of

host is totally different from the past, rich and colorful experiences.Three hosts have competition in contemporary network function, so, buy back after the host if you don't get to the Internet, the practicability is compromised.

here to share how to set up the PS3 to get to the Internet and the PS3 steps router set up Internet connection.

simple edition users set

cable mode: select access to cable, then choose the network access (cat directly connect the PS3 users select PPPOE, then type in your user name and password, pay attention to the case.)And then the IP, DNS, MTU is automatically.The proxy server shut down.UPNP shut down.This is ok.

wireless mode: select for the wireless access mode, and then and the cable set exactly the same.Key point is below

router users to set

advanced Settings (all manual parameters), the benefits of this is the time to let the PS3 access networks more quickly, don't every time the IP, NDS parsing.Pay attention to the PPPOE users is not applicable, the following is cable & amp;Wireless router users.

in general router has an IP address, such as (this is a time when you enter the router Settings need to input the IP) so the PS3 in setting up the IP subnet

, must segment with the router IP but in the end, a different.Gateway and DNS, is exactly the same can and router IP.


router IP:

PS3 will set like this:

192.168.22. X (X is a random number between 1-255, but can not be 11, also can't and your computer IP) same subnet (completely and router IP)

dns192 168.22.1 (completely and router IP) same MTU is below

set, generally ADSL user MTU is 1492, you can set to 1492, is not greater than the number.

proxy server, is the time to download speed, currently only useful for telecom users, northern netcom's speed is very limited.Port 8080

proxy server Settings: http://ps3.ppig.cn (note must write http://

proxy server has closed, of course, if didn't pass the test of time, you try to put a proxy server is temporarily closed, and test again.

upnp Settings, open the can.Then your router will open UPNP function, this is a very good search, in general can find into the router Settings.After more than

set, can test, if the browsing function test success means set no problem, of course, that there will be a PSN store test failed, this is related to the local network status.

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