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How to set up the SIEMENS switch, set up and classify the SIEMENS switch

2018-01-08 15:58:53

switches is our daily life we often come into contact with, the switch is a realization of information exchange in communication system equipment, also known as switching hubs.Switch is the basis of the construction of network in our daily life, with switches we can for the transmission of the information.Initial exchange form


and switch exchange originating in the telephone communication, we also see in old movies, people pull up the phone after a fierce shake, is planted at the end of the connecting thread machine, and the other end is a business wearing earphones, miss miss business will pick up the corresponding interface after two people can pass on the phone.This is the time of the artificial exchange patterns, and now we switch, convenient for people in the transmission of information.

switches there are many kinds of types according to different classification

depending on the type of network we have divided into: wan and LAN switch.According to the speed of the transmission medium and transmission can be divided into: Ethernet, gigabit switches, ATM switch, etc.According to the switch is applied to what level can be divided into: campus network switches, division level, work type switch and so on.

according to the structure of the switch port is divided into: fixed port switches and modular system.

Siemens switch: switches as an important connection mode of LAN, become one of the fastest popularization of network equipment.As now switching technology has increased, the price of the switch is no longer as expensive as before, performance and stability of the switch more and more is also high.The current world there are many kinds of switches and, most famous for Siemens switches.Siemens switches with automation integrated thinking concept, on the use of flexible and efficient enough should, more secure, unified user experience, quickly substantially transformed people's working process easy to use, the general class of grade 5, the extension of a fairly large capacity.

Siemens Siemens switches set

telephone exchange is a good local connection connection Settings, connect the corresponding port, PC through the special program to set up and manage the switch, the IP address of the first landing configuration, interface to user Settings, and configuration of local and remote users, etc., to configure the corresponding solutions, and so on.Settings must pay attention to the connection port, when bullish on specifications, avoid connection error, caused the equipment cannot be used.

with the development of science and technology, we have more information communication, it is because these technology accumulation and change, let's use the convenient technology, convenient now, science and technology exchange, so we're going to on the basis of these technologies continuous learning innovation, to create more good technology.

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