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How to set up the WiFi on the Internet

2018-01-08 15:34:39

if you have wireless router at home, the phone not need to use phone network, also won't produce mobile phone traffic.Only need to use the home wireless network is also the WLAN is WIFI also went, and the speed fast, so why not?

method one: add a visible

wi-fi hotspots, here to millet step 1 1 s telecom mobile phone as an example, other phones similar:

steps 2, first of all, click the HOME button to return to the main interface, click in the main interface Equipment "Icon: step 3,

in Set up "Interface, the choice of WLAN”:

step 4, enter WLAN”After the touch WLAN”Switch, switch from closed to open, you can see the middle display About to open WLAN”:

step 5, wait for a while after the search to a nearby wireless WIFI, and later in the search to the list, select the network you want to connect WIFI hotspot:

after step 6, select your network SSID, the password in the pop-up box enter your wireless password, touch again Connection ":

step 7, this time will return "WLAN"List of current connection display Is connection "Or "Is to obtain IP address...Throughout the &;Message:

steps 8, if you entered the correct password, wait for a moment can connect successfully, and display The connected ":

step 9, if you want to confirm that your phone WIFI connection information, can touch this link, enter Network details "Interface:

steps in 10, if your password is wrong, or other reasons, to cancel the connection save password information, can be in Network details "Touch the bottom of the stack interface Do not save the web "And option in the pop-up screen Identify "To:

method 2: add not opened

wi-fi hotspots in some cases, our wi-fi hotspots may not be open to the public, that is, hidden, then our mobile phones can through this method to add these not open wi-fi hotspots.Step 1,

in WLAN”The list interface, touch the bottom right Add the network throughout the &;:

step 2, in the pop-up Add the network throughout the &;Interface, type in the name of the WIFI network you want to connect, to note here is exactly the SSID name case:

step 3, then the following Security "Also want to select the correct encryption type:

step 4, then input the correct password, then touch Identify "To:

step 5, if you type the SSID and security and password is correct, wait for a moment can connect the WIFI hotspot on success:

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