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How to set up the mobile broadband router and the method of setting up the mobile broadband router

2018-01-09 09:23:42

router in our life is becoming more and more popular, with the use of smart phones, have router, use the wireless network to play games or something to see a movie, we are accustomed to, it is convenient to use, so usually, installation of broadband in the home of friends can choose to install a router, to facilitate their own mobile Internet.Just you usually buy router is the need to install, and the password of what, you are all set to yourself and just these Settings, don't know how much you know.

is, in fact, when you buy the router and router attached together with installation instructions, you can through the installation instructions for installation, operation up to also have no imagination of so difficult, you just need to find the IP address of the router inside, to address and user name can be set for

mobile broadband router hardware operating

first is the router installation, for the installation of the router, and the installation of the cat actually is the same, you need to use another cable, one end on the router, end up in a notebook, or on the desktop.Broadband to go directly to a router, when you're all set up, as long as the power of the router to keep open, even if the computer does not open, also can go online.

mobile broadband router set user name and password related operations after the completion of the

routers connected is set for the user name password etc, before that, you need to set the IP address and DNS address in router.Click local connection, right-click, and then there will be a property options, click, then there will be a local connection window, in the network page options, find Internet protocol 4, click, then will jump out a window, choose regular page, here will be automatically obtain IP address and automatic DNS address options, select, after certain.After

when the above steps to set up, you can open the browser, the browser needs to directly enter, enter the url of the column, of course, need you to log in after press the enter key to enter, but the user name and password, the default for the admin, confirmed after the input line, then, according to the hints of interface, are the next steps.In case of Ethernet access options, you only need to select & lsquo;Let the router automatically choose the way to the Internet & rsquo;Can.

followed by entering a new user name and password, the next step is to enter the WPA password, this is your wifi login password, click finish after you complete the router Settings.

routers use is very convenient, it is in this link, they install will often appear this or that problem, although there are instructions on the hands, but not to study, or for computer small white, is very difficult.

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