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How to set up the password of the wireless router, the router set the password step

2018-01-03 15:15:34

wireless router how to set the password

a lot of friends now use wireless router, because wireless router can satisfy the current popularity of 3 g smartphones and tablet computers, laptops and so on to realize high-speed wireless Internet access, but not many friends due to set up a wireless router passwords, led to the nearby friends free connection network resources, due to more users using wireless networks are getting slower and slower.So how wireless router password?Router password step is actually very simple, you just need to login router set inside, as follows: the first step in

: the router password, first login wireless router, general wireless router login address is in your browser url input box input: to enter, then enter the login and password to get into account.The login address, and log in to your account and password can be used in the wireless router manual or wireless router can be seen on the label.

the second step: wireless network Settings is primarily to protect wireless network resources being available, so you need to set the password authentication login, to ensure safety.

(1) the first found in wireless router Settings interface "wireless Settings" - "basic Settings" in "SSID" fill in the name of the router, you can literally fill in is mainly used to identify their own network.

sid name called network identification is a laptop or tablet search the name of the wireless network can see, can write according to their own interests freely.

(2) and then click "Security Settings "Enter the security setup wizard, fill in.

will first Security Settings "Choice for Connected ", and then enter login network wireless Internet password in the password, the password must remember, because laptops or tablets, need the wireless password to log in and use.About why there will be

Security Settings "Choice for Connected "?Mainly for security reasons, currently connected wireless encryption is the hardest to break, other password type is relatively easy ceng card being used for brute force.After

(3) set up more than a few steps, remember to click Settings at the bottom of the interface Save "Button to complete the operation.After

can take out the tablet PC or laptop computer search near the wireless router wireless network, can search to the commonly, find some connection to the wireless network will be prompted for the password, fill in the above set of WP2 key password can smoothly connected to the wireless network.

wireless router wireless setup steps so much, next time we need to connect wireless networks need a password to connect, because do not know the password is not able to connect to others recently, easily implemented to prevent others ceng network, affect their access to the Internet speed.How to set the password

wireless router?Wireless router password basically is more than a few steps, actually very simple, it is important to note the setting of different router interface may be some differences, but as long as know the wireless router password way of thinking.Want to learn more about wireless router how to set the password, you can continue to pay attention to the latest dynamic wireless router.

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