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How to set up the router after the reset and reset the router

2018-01-08 13:04:15

inadvertently Reset?Do you remember how to set up after reset the router?Curiosity kills, say some small round button above to a sister see router is can't hold their hand press and try it will open the entrance into the myth of the world.Small make up can only say, sister after you press the reset button, means to reset the router and broken network opened Pandora's box.Ok you have a handsome and encyclopedic knowledge of PC small make up IT, tell you how to set up after the reset the router.

router reset what Settings - online after

reset the router Settings are similar on the market, so the following to huawei honor route as an example, and the girls show me how after reset the router Settings.

1. The router to the default address on the browser input, input (other routers is commonly it is important to note that if you are using laptop is modified, need to access the router to the default open wifi (directly find the router wifi SSDI click to access).

2. Enter the router Settings interface, input online account and password online.The online account and password online here is telecom little elder brother (or mobile or unicom) to help the proof for you online when you install cables, typically a lot in the list.Not wifi name and wifi password!

3. Click next, glory routing will automatically identify account information and set up the network, jump to I'm going to surf the Internet "The page can be directly according to the generally kept after.How after reset the router Settings -


highlighted in order to let the name of the wifi sister personalization, increase the security of the password, you need to change name and wiif wifi password.Below is the router reset after the steps how to set the wifi name and password.

4. In My wifi”2.4 G wifi, open, click on the name of the wifi input box, modify wiif name they want.Security Settings by default the highest WPA/connected PSK mixed mode.In wifi password input box enter you want wifi password (here suggest that we set the wifi password best with special symbols, enhance the security of the password).

5. If the router support 5 g band, according to the unified wifi router to the default password.After 5 g signal will be displayed as 2.4 Gwifi name _5G ", the password is the same as 2.4 G.

6. Restart the router, and all the Settings will take effect after the restart.Watching this article

router how to set up after the reset, you should find a router reset Settings have been less trouble than before.Now the router has been upgraded to a more intelligent, so as long as know your online account and password online can easily complete the reset the router Settings.If can't help but want to press a press the reset button?

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