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How to set up the router and the method of router security setup

2018-01-09 11:55:17

router setup steps have?

some router supports only a single agreement, but most of the routers can support a variety of transmission of the agreement, namely the multi-protocol router.Because each has its own rules, to complete the algorithm of multiple protocols in a router, is bound to degrade the performance of the router.

the following, we take a look at the router security Settings.Security is 1,

first, change user name password login the router.Click:

system tools - management options.Is the default user name password interface, average household use, it is changed the password for the administrator of the line, if is the enterprise, the general manager to a password, will add an account to the network to use.

if we just simply change the user name password, can the administrator account user configuration list below the modify button.

then will enter administrator editing interface, you can according to your needs, to reset: user name and password, or single password.Finally remember click: modification.

if you want to add a new user, you can choose: ordinary users (only view functions) and administrator (to view and modify).Security is 2,

secondary problem, of course, is to change the default port

security log in port, the term for the average person, is a professional, but in fact have to guard against the problem.Under the simple said change method.To continue to go back to the previous system tools - management options.

we click: WEB port management, see: the default port is 80, but you can change the range of 1-65535.We can change to a landing port yourself familiar with other people don't know, that even if others don't know the password and login, in this example is a casually.A: 88, and then save.

and then again on the router, but is not the same as the original.IP address must be followed by : 88 ", namely:, remember the colon to the English state.

security 3, change the default LAN IP

most routers, we get most of the default LAN IP is or mouth, it is also a safe hidden trouble, because we all know, people can easily through a software to guess your password.So, a lot of familiar with computer, considering safety will modify the LAN IP address of the mouth, and my home router is:, you must be unexpected.

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