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How to set wifi by computer, wifi by computer

2018-01-10 10:59:15

most of the time, our computer as long as the connection cable plug can be used on the network, so for home no Internet but not fair well.We can use the computer to set the WiFi network, put everyone can through the mobile phone to connect to WiFi, so how to use a computer to set up WiFi?This process is not very difficult.Of course, if you want to keep the network clear, don't be cracked by others, we use a computer to set up WiFi password must be very long, Numbers and punctuation and letters when the password is the best.

wi-fi is a kind of personal computers, handheld devices can be (such as pad, mobile phone) terminal wirelessly connected to each other technical, in fact it is a high frequency radio signals.Radio is a wireless network communication technology brand, held by the wi-fi alliance.The purpose is to improve the wireless network based on the IEEE 802.11 standard interoperability between products.Someone put the local area network (LAN) using the IEEE 802.11 series protocol is called wi-fi.Even the wi-fi is equivalent to a wireless Internet (wi-fi is an important part of the WLAN)

on "Wi - Fi"The pronunciation of the abbreviations, according to Webster's dictionary pronunciation annotation English standard and standard pronunciation is /?Wa?The fa?/ because the word wi-fi is composed of two words, so the written form is best for wi-fi, it does not exist the so-called experts say pronunciation problem, similarly has the HI - Fi (/ ha?The fa?/).

computer set up WiFi, methods

1 / steps, as an administrator to run the command prompt: shortcuts win + R→Input cmd→Enter

2, enabled and set virtual WiFi card:

3, run the command: netsh wlan commands set hostednetwork mode = allow ssid = wuminPC key = wuminWiFi has three parameters, the command mode: whether to enable virtual WiFi network card, to disallow is disabled.Ssid: wireless network name, had better use English for wuminPC (for example).Key: wireless network password, more than eight characters for wuminWiFi (for example).The above three parameters can be used alone, for example, only use the mode = disallow can disable the virtual Wifi card directly.

4, after the success of the open, the network connection will be more than a network adapter for "Microsoft Virtual WiFi Miniport Adapter"The wireless connection of 2, for convenience, rename it to virtual WiFi.If no, need to update the wireless network card driver with respect to OK.5,

was determined, the Shared network card icon will appear "Shared throughout the &;Words, said "Broadband connection "Has Shared to "Virtual WiFi".

6, open wireless network: continue to run in the command prompt: netsh wlan commands start hostednetwork

(will start to stop can shut down the wireless networks, after startup to enable the wireless networks need to run this command again) at this point, virtual WiFi red fork fork disappear, has a good WiFi base station, the host set.Laptop, mobile phone DengZi machine with WiFi module wuminPC search to a wireless network, enter the password wuminWiFi, can share access to the Internet!Note:


shows that the wireless network information command: netsh wlan commands show hostednetwork

virtual the launch of the wlan is 802.11 g wireless AP, bandwidth of 54 MBPS.

experience content are for reference only, if you need to solve specific problems (especially in the field of law, medicine and so on), it is recommended that you detailed consulting professionals in related field.

we want to know, desktop computers set up WiFi with laptop set up WiFi steps, not big difference.So we at the time of setting WiFi connection, the same method can be set in two different computers.The format right, as long as your method can in the shortest possible time to set up WiFi.Of course, if you slow speeds, are likely to be others "Ceng net throughout the &;Had better change at this time, his home WiFi password, to keep the network clear oh.That is related to the content of how to use a computer to set up wifi, hope can help to you!

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