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How to share wifi password

2018-01-22 15:13:00

with the passage of time, some part of our memory will be lost, often to make some critical moment, friends come to visit to connect the WiFi, WiFi password forgot how to do?Don't worry, if you are a millet mobile phone or brush beautiful MIUI users in the system, know the WiFi password will not be difficult.Small make up several methods to check the WiFi password, is very simple and practical, to look at it together.

a, millet/beautiful MIUI users scan of

first step into the mobile phone set into the WiFi Settings, the new beautiful MIUI system can directly click on the connection good WiFi share password qr code generation.After generating qr code, can use another millet mobile phone scan qr code to get the password.Another cell phone must be millet mobile phones or beautiful MIUI system is only available camera or qr code software to scan the following situation.

2, graphic view

the first method is only applicable to two millet mobile phone, if I just want to know the password only a millet mobile phone?This method can get you a mobile phone can also view the WiFi password.In the generated "Share the password "The qr code image, mobile phones for screenshots.

find own qr code scanning phone, open the select local image scanning, found in the photo album, can obtain the password.

3, micro letter/QQ view

when faced with a friend when the NB function of mobile phone does not support the latest beautiful MIUI?If not the millet mobile phone also need not panic, take out a cellular phone to open the micro letter or QQ find "Flicking a "Share, the scanning phone generated qr code scanning line, their local photo to get the password also can do it.Four, a great god views

if you are interested in mobile phone, like to study, no matter what phone this method is applicable.But premise must be Root.Millet mobile phone users to brush beautiful MIUI development version can, enthusiasts can choose the closed beta version, version of the experience.After the completion of the Root, download "RE manager ".Opened, need to get Root access to use.

open RE manager, enter the data/misc/wifi, find wpa_supplicant. Conf files, using a text viewer open (click to select) long, all phones had connected and remember wifi password inside.

if you don't need to check the root view not root, nor millet mobile phone and beautiful MIUI system, by this method may be useful, but differences in the system, some mobile encryption processing, can guarantee 100% success.Dial

first open interface, input * # 4636 # # * * # *, and then click the WLAN information --WLAN config, open interface of ssid = is followed by the name of the WiFi, PSK = behind is the WiFi password.

small make up share five kinds of methods, we have learned, since learned that just to show in front of your friends show their new skills.

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