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How to solve the 678 error of the router

2018-02-08 09:12:15

Ping is the local loop address, if the address is unable to Ping, suggests that the local machine TCP/IP protocol can not work normally.

this PING the IP address of the unit: use IPConfig to check the machine IP, then PING the IP, the general principles of the network adapter (card or MODEM) showed normal, not the general principles of the malfunction is network adapter.C.
Ping with IP network segment computers: Ping an IP network segment with computer, don't show that general principles of the network line failure;If also contains a router in a network, it should be Ping IP router in this port, not general principles of the section of the line has a problem;General principles to PING the router in the target computer's ports IP network segment, is not the general principles of the routing failure;General principles of PING purpose machine IP address again.
_____ the PING url: if you want to test a DNS service network, in the previous step PING the IP address of the target computer, still unable to connect to the machine, can PING the machine's network name, such as PING www.yahoo.com.cn, under normal circumstances will be the url pointing to the IP, this suggests that the DNS Settings of the unit and correct DNS server works well, and vice is likely to be one of them failed;Also can pass Ping computer name WINS resolved fault detection (WINS is the computer name resolve to the IP address of the service).After
the four steps has been completed, in the network fault was clear point, we can correctly solve the problem.

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