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How to solve the wireless network failure

2018-01-11 11:49:12

how to solve the wireless network fault

first step: check the hardware and wiring of

are you a wireless network users?What do you think what is the most core equipment to form a wireless network?Believe that the answer to the vast majority of users are wireless router.Yes, with the rapid rise of the wireless network, wireless router has become one of the core hub, so once it appeared problem, the wireless network will be paralyzed.So if the fault really appeared, and how should we solve, let the wireless network back to normal?Is very simple, and then according to the following four steps to operation, general wireless network fault can be easily solved.

wireless router is the leading cause of failure circuit connection problems, but many users are often blind to this point, and so many detours.So when the wireless network failure, we should first ensure that the power of the wireless router connection is normal, and then see if broadband access port connection is correct.We can through the wireless router status indicators on the judgment, in which light is continuous flashing as normal, not bright or long light do not flicker are failure.If the indicator light display is not normal, we should change a network cable to connect.

to check the status indicators Ensure the correct connection.If the display is normal, but the wireless network fault, then we will need to check the location of the wireless router and it between the client and if there is a large obstacles or high power electric device.At this point we need to narrow the distance between the client and the wireless router, and ensure the wireless router from the high-power electrical equipment, because these appliances electromagnetic radiation will seriously affect the wireless signal transmission, wireless fault.In addition,

wireless card check is necessary for the client.First, click "See the available wireless connection "And then refresh "Network list "And set up the network parameters, and finally in "Properties throughout the &;View the presence of sending and receiving data.If the client is wireless card appear problem, we can be replaced for external USB wireless network card, or replace the network card drivers, failure generally can be solved.

finally, certainly can't ignore the hardware failure of wireless router itself.If it is found that the state of the wireless router indicator light is not bright, there is no response to the client connect to a wireless router, so please do not hesitate to contact the dealer, the wireless router for maintenance or replacement good parts.(PS: user when buying wireless products, be sure to keep good invoice or receipt)

the second step: to check the card and router set

wireless network fault problem due to setup error is also very common, and set the error is divided into two aspects, namely the client wireless card Settings and wireless router setup errors.

client wireless card setup is very simple, click "Online neighbors "To check "Wireless Internet connection "And then set the wireless network card "IP address "Subnet mask "And "The gateway ", just make sure the IP address of the wireless network card and the IP address of the wireless router in the same network segment.Normally, of course, recommended to choose "Automatic access ".

wireless router set relatively complicated.We need to first in the browser address bar, type the IP address of the wireless router, and then in the pop-up login screen enter your user name and password, you can enter the wireless router's Web interface with (some brands of wireless router with configuration CD, can be directly through CD into).

in the Web configuration screen, we first need to ensure correct way of broadband access, you are an ADSL users, for example, then you need to select "PPPoE"Access, and then input connection ADSL user name and password at ordinary times, finally saved to exit.If still cannot be connected to the wireless network at this time, you will need to check "Security Settings "Options to see if a wireless router opened "IP address filtering "Or "MAC address filtering ".If opened, can temporarily shut down these two functions, then try to whether the connection is successful.Step 3:

wireless encryption Prevent the network attack

network attack is also a main cause of the wireless network fault, one of the most common is the ARP attack.ARP attack will cause the network IP address conflict, the loss of data and overflow, moreover could lead to the entire network paralysis.

if the user has found itself ARP attack (mainly is unable to access network), emergency is entering "Safe mode with network "And then modify the client in the wireless network card attributes the IP address, then see if can be connected to the network.Then install antivirus software and network firewall, prevent similar network attack again.

to the wireless network encryption is also wireless router must be set.Now most of the wireless router supports WEP, WPA/connected encryption, that WEP encryption has been cracked, so don't recommend choose (if your wireless router only supports WEP encryption, so please select a 128 - bit encryption).The WPA/connected wireless encryption is safer, general illegal invaders are hard to crack.

in addition, the IP address of the previously mentioned filtering and MAC address filtering also is a good way to protect the network, users only need to add the client's IP address and MAC address to the wireless router "Allow list "Can, in the protective effect is very significant.

the fourth step: upgrading the wireless router firmware

routers, also cannot PING wireless router, this is a typical problem of wireless router firmware is very common in some old wireless router.The solution is simple, that is the new firmware refreshes the wireless router.The current mainstream wireless equipment maker regularly release new wireless router firmware, we can through the Web configuration interface automatically upgrade.

into the wireless router Web configuration interface, find "System management "Menu where we are going to see "Software upgrade "Options, enter can begin after the upgrade.During the firmware upgrade has certain risk, however, can't without electricity, and the need to wait.Especially after the upgrade, need to wait for wireless router automatically restart, or according to the prompt to restart manually, don't do other operation, otherwise your wireless router is likely to become "Plank brick ".

in addition to eliminate wireless router failure, to upgrade the firmware for wireless router to add new functions, you might as well try to get a better wireless experience.

to summarize

wireless network fault basic can be solved by the above four steps.In fact, in the face of the wireless network problems, the most important is careful observation, a lot of seemingly complex fault, is caused by a small set or connection error, so recommended by simple method to difficult, step by step to solve the problem, this is the most efficient wireless network troubleshooting methods.

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