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How to solve wifi surfing ping, wireless router ping unstable solution

2018-01-12 10:53:28

with the popularization and development of wireless broadband network, using a laptop, PC, mobile phone connection WLAN (wi-fi) network to get to the Internet has become a lot of friends and friends of choice, the characteristics of the wifi is fast and there's no need to take up the space of cable, is very convenient.But recently there are a lot of friends and friends of small make up to complain, using WLAN access to the Internet, ping number is not stable, download TV movies are OK, but playing the game is prone to caton phenomenon, the serious influence to use experience.This problem, small make up also encountered, but found the solution, under the share for you today!

how to solve the wifi jump ping

used wirelessMON, check the results found that: minus 3 and 11 by use other wireless channel is the channel 1, and after the router before I channel is set to automatic, and automatic configuration is 1, it is no wonder that interferes with, so determined to 8, then much better!Speechless, the automatic channel function of the router is decoration!Page

into a router, is or and then find the wireless Settings, basic setup - find a channel, reoccupy wirelessMON checked the, with no or less, which channel with which it is good!

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