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How to track routing in the Win7 system tracert

2018-01-03 16:01:06

how tracert tracking routing in the Windows 7 system graphic tutorials 】 【

tracking routing is a routing utility, used to determine the IP datagram access path taken by the target.Occur when network is not smooth need routing tracking, check the connectivity of the network.The following will introduce the routing tracking method.

step 1, click Start "Run ", as shown in the figure below:

step 2, and then in the pop up dialog input "Cmd”Then click Identify ", as shown in the figure below:

step 3, the last in the pop up the DOS command window input: tracert Ip”Or Domain name ", as the chart, check the local network connectivity to baidu.Behind the tracert

step 4, if direct input, without any arguments, can play out the use of specific methods, as shown in the figure below: more than

is routing tracking solution, hope to be able to help you.Want to learn more about routing tracking problem, can continue to focus on the latest development of computer problems.Which is


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