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How to transmit photos by using the camera's WiFi for the WiFi transmission of a photo functional c

2018-01-02 14:02:40

although now with the function of WiFi camera is more and more popular, but I find many friends around me never use this camera functions, also don't know how to transfer photos via wi-fi.Spend so much money to buy a camera with WiFi function also need not, don't have money is so capricious!Problem, then bought a camera with WiFi function after how to do it & otherGlossing, conveniently spread throughout the &;?The small white learn photography, I will give you something about.


is often the first step is very important to use the WiFi function is actually very simple, first of all we need to do, is one of the most important steps in the entire connection process, if is to confirm our camera with WiFi function.

in general with the function of WiFi camera, like above the WiFi logo printed on the fuselage.If you see your camera body with the logo, or you can be sure your camera with WiFi function.So congratulations you, you can continue to look down.

the second step is often important,

before the formal WiFi link with a camera, there is also a very important work, that is to download a match with his camera phone APP.

no matter what brand do you use camera, regardless of your cell phone or apple's IOS, android system as long as your camera with WiFi function, you can find on the Internet to the camera and the corresponding mobile phone APP.Will be used to download and install, we can use a camera and the wi-fi connection.

now open wi-fi connection phone camera with WiFi function has a lot of, this article demonstrated for everybody is the latest paraxial camera X100T Fuji.Although different brands of mobile terminal APP interface will be different, but the specific operation mode are the same, so users don't have to worry about the operation of other brands will have a different place.

after download and install the phone APP, we need to open the WiFi camera functions.Most cameras will design an independent open WiFi key, of course, there are some WiFi camera function to enter the Settings menu to open it.After

open WiFi function, our camera will into the hot match page.On this page, we can see in the name of the hot camera.After the camera's hot

name, we can open the phone to search for the hot spots and connect the WiFi function.(part of the camera's WiFi hotspot is need to fill in the password to connect, password is generally can be set in the camera's WiFi menu.)

to establish a good connection, we can open the application to the phone APP.(at the time of open the APP, we pay attention to always maintained a WiFi connection between camera and a mobile phone.)

the operation of the app and transmit photos

to this step if your operation is successful, then congratulations to you again, you have not far from the final victory.Next, we only need a few simple operations in the APP can achieve the purpose of transmitting photos.After

into the APP, we will find that there are a lot of features.For example, we can through the APP to remote camera to film, to add information such as time and place of watermark photos.(of course these functions is the most basic should have a camera with WiFi function, here I will not do too much for you introduced.)

in the APP can help us to transfer the function of the photos, is this called & other;Browse the camera & throughout;Options.(different camera for this option term are different, but generally mean the same.)Click on this option, we can see the pictures of camera stored inside.Check the photos of our thought satisfaction, and then click the APP below & other;Import & throughout;Buttons.

waiting for photographs after the import is complete, the photo has been introduced to our mobile phones.This time, we can use mobile phone to check transmission over photos from the camera.

now that we have to to see through the photos, is also illustrates the photo files have been saved in our mobile phones.The next thing to do, is to put the photo through QQ, micro letter, weibo and other social software to share with good friends.

for microblogging control and refresh party, as long as learned this knowledge, you will lose the same photos taken by mobile phone Tony, with high quality camera with WiFi function.Want to make the vision za with 60 times larger than the focal lens, want background za with large aperture lens blur effect, at the same time, we can also enjoy the photography as increases with the increasing on sharing and mobile phones.What are you waiting for?To bring your camera, pick up your phone, in the circle of friends to share & other;Proud & throughout;The pictures.More than

is about how to use the WiFi transfer photos with camera function, hope to help you!

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