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How to turn on the computer wireless card switch

2018-01-15 10:38:12

if using a laptop, when the wireless network logo not open or can't search to the network, nearby the laptop wireless card may not open it.How to open the computer wireless network card switch?Please try the following way.

computer wireless network appear red fork fork wireless card can't open the six kinds of solution:

if a laptop equipped with a wireless network card physical switch, please make sure the switch wireless card can work normally.After

or not is on physical switch, confirm the open wireless network card software switch.

method one: computer shortcut key combination on wireless card

usually some keys in F1 to F12 signs will have a wireless network.Press Fn + FX = (X the logo of the key) to start the wireless network card.Method 2:

through "Windows mobile center "Open wireless network card WIN + X, open Windows mobile center after the open wireless network card switch manually.

note: after opening, notebook wireless network will flashing lights (pictured)

method 3: check whether the wireless service process is open

1) right click "My computer "—Management —Services and applications —Service.

2) WLAN AutoConfig service and open it.

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