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How to use Cisco router simulator? Using Cisco router simulator steps inventory [detailed steps]

2018-01-11 09:39:24

now Internet develops very quickly, from the use of computer, the number of how many we can see that, for example, take the university now, many college students would give their own dormitory network cable installation, so that our mobile phones can connect wireless networks, usually we need to use the router in the dormitory, so convenient and mobile Internet, don't know if you have heard of the router simulator, may be a lot of people don't know, here small make up is to explain to you the knowledge of the cisco router simulator, let everyone know.

simulator is cisco network engineers often use network simulation software, it can be very fast simulated network in various equipment (switches, routers, desktop computers, notebook computers, servers, network cloud), structures, all kinds of network environment, the simulation of network topology and so on.Routers in the network environment is an important equipment, it can realize effective isolation of internal and external network, provide a safe Internet environment.Cisco router simulator used:

1. Double-click on the router, open the router attribute interface, choose the third in the physics TAB interface module, fast Ethernet port, the module into switch.

2. In the process of drag, pop-up prompt box "Unable to load the module " electricity stateRouter to work zone, which is the default at it, we need to turn off load module position as shown the power button, module loading, our electricity for a router, click the power button, and then close the window.

3. The computer and the router directly connected separately with the intersection line, note that the specification of the network cabling Chinese don't allow such a connection, the connection is completed, we found that the network is not that we need to a router configuration.Double-click to open the router command line option card, modify the port type no shutdown.

4. A node can communicate to green said, but the specific computer communication, we have to set their IP addresses, double-click on the computer, in the desktop Settings set IP address.

5. Any two computers use the ping command to test connectivity.Again, in the network cabling is non-standard, router and computer connected directly, and will cause the waste of resources.

this is the content of the router simulator, have already told you, I believe you also know now the use of the cisco router simulator, although some of the steps that we are not very clear, but you can try to operate, to understand, the router now are very common in our life, it represents the Internet, and we are now in the age of the Internet, so it is necessary to master the knowledge about the router is, hope small make up today's explanation for everybody to help, ok, today's explanation here.

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